Monday, 17 January 2011

Welcome to Plateauville, England.

I am a scale addict, whenever I am near them I tend to stand on them! Yesterday I had a shower after the kids were in bed, stood on the scale and it said 14st 9 (204 lbs) great I thought, I might even get a 14 8 in the morning, I didn't eat anything after this and had some water, stood on the scale this morning, 14.10!
Had a very busy morning, went to change before picking up George, stood on the scale, 14st 9! I've hardly drank anything this morning, I know that that's the reason. It's so frustrating though.

We have lots of bad food about at the moment, Isobel's 6th birthday party is on Sunday, it's at the village hall so I need to do all the food in advance. I've spent a fortune. I'm just doing a trial run on the cakes at the moment, I'm doing cup cakes which look like ice creams, put cake mix in flat bottomed cornets, bake, cool then ice with butter cream so its swirly, add hundreds and thousands and pop in a flake. They look amazing once done (we did a practise run of the icing yesterday with the cones stuffed with bread, today I'm doing the cake. I will obviously have to test this just in case!

Have also made a batch of this soup this morning,
it was posted on a blog last week, I can't remember who's, I'm sorry. I'm just letting it cool and will blend it as I'm not good with lumps in soup, it tastes good.

Was woken at midnight again by the car alarm, it went on until at least 2 when I feel asleep, Paul has had a word with the people this morning, I have a friend who is an environmental health officer and she is saying that I can report it.

Went to the gym this morning, they've just got a power plate, but, they want to charge members extra for using it which I think is ridiculous, is it that good that I should just pay for it and stop moaning?

Back to my cakes, have a good day all xx


  1. What is a power plate??
    I'd like for you to come and have a birthday party for me! Feb. 19th please.

    I am addicted to my scale too. I feel like I should stop..but I just can't!

  2. I have no idea what a power plate is... Will be interesting to hear.. And I'm addicted to my scale as well... I think we should hide them!!