Sunday, 30 January 2011

Grumpy post

Somehow this morning I am 3 pounds heavier, I knew that I would be as during my many scale visits through the day it was weighing me really heavy. I had an ok day yesterday I think, I did have some salty crackers and pretzels so that could well be the issue, I will drink lots today and I'm sure that that will move it, its very annoying though.

I dealt with the rats yesterday, it was hard work, not that rat bit but the digging out the compost, it didn't take much more than an hour and I only found one rat, poor thing was dead. Today my back is quite achy, not awful but I can feel it.

Gosh, I'm feeling very grumpy today! George woke me at 5am with a wet bed, this is despite wearing a nappy, he must save it up through the day! I'm very much a once I'm awake I'm awake kind of person so I'm very tired. Kids invaded our room very early too, I was reading and they're all over the place moaning and crying and shouting and generally being very annoying, I lost my temper, I can't start every day before 6am, it's killing me and not helping my general mood, coupled with the huge scale gain I'm quite horrible.
I'm meant to be going to the gym this morning, I've missed my slot and I'm not sure that I can actually be bothered to go, it closes in about 3 hours so I need to get myself together. Have just started watching the Murray tennis match, looks like its going to be a long one! Will try and prise my bum from the sofa soon!

Sorry for the grumpy post.


  1. No need to be sorry for a grumpy post.. You were up at the crack of dawn - getting up that early should be illegal! Besides, you've had a lot to deal with - early wake up calls, wet beds, rats and scale woes - all very good reasons to be grumpy..
    (((hugggssssssssssss))) to YOU!

  2. Hey - we're all allowed our grumpy days! I have them more often than not. lol Don't beat yourself up too much! =) I hope your day gets better!!

  3. I'm feeling grumpy today too. Glad I'm in good company.

  4. I'm grumpy everyday at some point so dont worry about it :P

    Also, try to not get too crazed about the scale (I should take my own advice). Because of various factors (fluid retention, how much you've gone to the bathroom, etc) our scale weight can fluctuate 5 pounds up and down on any given day. Its crazy, but it happens. The scale is such a tricky determinant of success as it doesn't tell the whole story. The cool thing is, when we retain fluid or expel some fluid, our body is functioning the way it should. It knows how much fluid you need and adjusts itself accordingly. While I do compulsively weigh myself (working on it! :P), I also have my body fat % measured which is a much more accurate picture of my weight and health, and I also look at my weight loss over long periods of time (i.e. 6 weeks) so I can see on average what I'm losing a week (the average may be 2 pounds a week, but some weeks I won't lose anything and some weeks I'll lose 4 pounds). So try not to get too frustrated - the scale is a liar sometimes :P

  5. I would agree your scale is probably water :) exercise, pretzels, saltines...all of them could have contributed. I bet the sleep deprivation of getting up at the crack of dawn added some water too! That weight will soo come off as you did shift a compost heap for goodness sake and earned fitness weightloss points.