Friday, 28 January 2011

I'm hungry today

Afternoon all,

Having a hungry day today, I've made good choices but eaten a fair bit, not sure why I feel like this. I'm tired after yet another early morning with the kids, I went shopping this morning for about 3 hours whilst George was at nursery and walked much of this time (other than 20 minutes over a coffee mainly as I couldn't remember what I went shopping for!) I also took George out on a bike ride, this was quite short but he's very fast so I have to do a very fast bizarre looking walk to keep up with him! So tiredness is probably the reason.

Shopping trip was good, I bought myself a coat, its been so cold the last couple of days and my daughter is always the last out of school so I end up shivering outside, its a black parka type coat, I bought it in a UK 20, its quite tight, it zips but I'm not sure I could sit easily with it done up. I'm pleased with it and its very warm.

Scale was ok today, 14st 8 again (204 lbs) I did feel a little sad that it didn't go down but then realised that loosing a pound a day is just ridiculous!

Am just about to walk Isobel to her beavers class, hopefully the cold air will melt a little fat on me!

Have a good Friday all xx


  1. I have hungry days too, so I'm with ya.. You've done a lot of moving today though which is always a terrific thing!! And shopping is always fun - glad you bought a coat!!

    OK.. I give up. What is a "Beavers Class"?? Just curious...

    Have a terrific day!

  2. what is a beavers class?

    How is George doing on the potty training?

    This entire week I have been hungry! Nothing seems to taste that good either! grrr

  3. I saw on Dr. Oz the other day that when you are cold you burn more calories! They even went as far as to say you can put ice packs on your shoulders to lower your body temperature!

    today is also a hungry day for me, TOM is due soon, so I'm like an endless pit!

    Stay warm!

  4. Hungry used to mean I was losing weight ;) I said it was my body fighting back..perhaps that is why you are hungry?

    I nominated you for an award! :)


  5. Yes: exactly what is a Beaver's class??
    And: when will we some some pictures of the new and skinnier you??? Please post, would love to see the coat.