Tuesday, 11 January 2011

How many times has thank you been my title?

Just wanted to say thanks for the sympathy and advice yesterday.
I have had a big talk with Isobel, she says that she made the killing herself bit up herself as in she knows that sometimes people kill each other. She is feeling a bit victimised, she says that I don't love her as I shout at her a lot, she's right, I do, mainly over the fighting with her brother. I do tell her that I love her at least 10 times a day, she admits that she knows that Paul and I love her.
So, I think that she's ok, she's fairly perky but her cough is horrible, we have more medicine now.
We are going to do something alone on a Saturday, Izzy fancies swimming this week but we might do that the following week due to her cold.

I am going to do my best to do better, I spend so much time on my own with the kids and I'm sure that I could do better, I'm also going to try to stop shouting, I'm far too shouty.

Scale was good today 14st 11lbs, (207 lbs) 1 above my lowest, would really like to get under it, not sure when I'll get to the gym with Isobel being ill but I'm not that worried.

I really like all of my new clothes, the size 18 dress fits ok, its woollen so a bit stretchy, I really could do with some spanks to go with it though, the "roll" under my boobs is awful! The top is ok, the size 16 leggings fit really well. All the clothes I bought were black, a reflection of my mood maybe? I did buy a long silver necklace with silver leafs on it to break it up, its lovely.

I bought a new handbag, a soft black leather satchel style bag which is gorgeous but the adjustable bit seems to be broken, have used it this morning for the first time and it's almost down at my knees! I can't find the receipt either which is a pain, will try and take it back and see how it goes.

Have a happy Tuesday all!


  1. I'm glad you and Izzy had a wonderful little Mother/daughter talk. I think you're right that perhaps spending more time alone together might help her get through this.

    Happy Tuesday to you!!

  2. way to work the retail therapy :)

    I just read this and your previous post. I am sorry you had a crap Monday. I have four daughters ages 26-9 and have lived the sibling hatred with two of them. It really was an ongoing problem but did get better over time. I was also a yeller...so here is my sage (but by no means perfect) advice.

    1. try to limit the yelling. Now that my kids are adults and we talk about their childhood the yelling is one thing they really hated. About the time they were in highschool we talked it out and came to an understanding. Things worked way better after. I got up and went up to them and talked to them eye to eye and calmly. I also at that time, warned them that they must listen so that I would not feel compelled to move onto yelling. Things improved a lot after (side note---getting up to talk to them supplies weight-dropping exercise:))

    2. my Second oldest daughter hated my third daughter with a passion. She hit her and once even stomped on her. It took a long time with many punishments but we came to an understanding that it is perfectly OK not to like someone even your sibling but we are a family and there are certain things you cannot do to your siblings. That includes calling them names, or physical reaction. If you feel the need you must remove yourself to your room. It was an evolutionary process but eventually the violence and yelling got better. The two girls even like each other now that they are adults.

    3. Alone time will probably help!! especially if you can find the time to talk about the issues of the week (like the killing thing and why she hates her brother)...

    Parenting can be hell :) but when you figure it out and make ground plus end up with adults you can be proud of it helps make it all worth it. Good luck with the rest of your week and take some time the relax just for yourself!


  3. I think you are right about the port thing! I just get a little worried!

    So glad you two girls had a talk. I think she is just way too observant for her own good. She has figured it all out at the rip age of 6..and she is testing the water to see what works!

    New bag sounds great! And the new clothes! FUN