Friday, 14 January 2011


I'm pretty sure I've had PMT this week, when I have PMT I don't realise until its over and then I think, of course I did, I hated my husband, ate as much chocolate and biscuits as I could shove in my pie hole and cried at shaving adverts, of course I did.

The above pretty much sums up my week, expect yesterday it was all ok again, I was back to eating well and felt much better, bloody hormones!

It actually wasn't until I got a text from my best friend this morning saying that she was stomping around eating party rings (kids biscuits) trying to stuff down the rage that I realised that that's what had been my problem (we have very similar cycles)

Despite eating lots of chocolate the scale didn't go up, I'm not sure how this happened, I deserved a gain. After one day of eating well yesterday the scale is back to my lowest low of 14st 10 (206 lbs) I would kill to see 14st 9 tomorrow!

Isobel has been quite unwell, she had a gum infection that flared up on Wednesday, we saw the dentist yesterday, she has struggled in to school and done well, she brought her spelling book home yesterday on which she'd written, poopoo don't look at me! Which I think sums up her mood on Monday, I've had to cover the book (again) to cover up her charming statement! She did come home with an award from one of her teachers yesterday, its a plastic credit card saying "my teacher thinks I'm fantastic" and has her name on the back, she is thrilled with it.

George has discovered youtube on the itouch, he loves it, I type in whatever he wants to look at Tom & Jerry or Brum, he has just discovered the Gummy bear song, its very possibly the worst song in the world, its making my brain melt and slowly trickle out of my ear!

Hope that everyone is well, any exciting plans for the weekend?


  1. I am actually looking forward to monday, does that tell u what kind of weekend I have ahead of me? I have two super long papers to write, a power point presentation to put together, an a final to take, all for my marketing class. Hope u have a wonderful weekend tho!

  2. hahaha @ melting brains trickling out of your ear! That line just made my day!

    A trip to the mountains with our Church ski trip is what we're doing this weekend - should be fun. But then again, we have plenty of alcohol at the condo to get us through...

    And, I often wanted to write "poo poo" on a lot of stuff - I know how Izzy feels....

  3. man o man..PMT is the worst. I had a friend once tell me that PMT is a period of clarity-you become clear on the stuff that bugs you but are too calm and polite to comment on during the rest of the month. I am not sure I agree but it is a handy way to feel better while in the middle of things.

    We are going up to Seattle to go see a Harry Potter Exhibit at the Science Center.

  4. Glad you could get away with a little mood eating and not see it on the scale. Sorry to hear about Isobel. I plan on watching football this weekend. My team is in the playoffs (Baltimore Ravens) so keeping my fingers crossed we win.