Saturday, 29 January 2011


I'm not being rude, honest. Beavers is like Scouts but for younger kids, you have Scouts in the US don't you? You can join Beavers from age 6 and its mixed although in my day it was boys and girls went to Brownies.
Isobel joined 3 weeks ago and loves it, its local to him which is great as she goes to school on the other side of town, she will get to know some kids locally which will be really good for her.

I am using you all and am here killing time, this afternoon I have an awful job to do. We have a compost bin in our garden and a couple of weeks ago we found out that rats were either nesting or eating from there, the bin has no bottom and they'd dug lots of the soil out. Paul has been putting poison down and hopefully they are now dead. Paul doesn't do rodents at all so its down to me to empty and dig the whole thing out, I don't really mind them, I don't want them touching me and would rather not see them dead but I can handle it. So that is my job for the afternoon, its freezing here but I don't want to wear my new coat for rat wrangling! said that cold is good and helps burn fat, I suppose that it makes sense, your body has to work harder to keep you warm so here's hoping!

I went to the gym this morning aswell as running around doing lots of chores, scale was the same which is ok, nothing very much to report really!

Lovely Vanessa was asking for photo's of me to show off my 49 pound weight loss, I'm not great with pictures, I think that I have one eye bigger than the other and as I don't stress about my weight quite so much I stress about looking old! So, when I finally loose 50 pounds I'll take and post some, I am the most unphotogenic person there ever was, I remain convinced that I am much more attractive than my photo suggests.

When my Dad and Janis were here last week we went looking around an antiques/collectables/load of old junk shop and I fell in love with this clock, they bought it for me and it now has pride of place in my kitchen, its lovely. Is it wrong that I removed a picture of my children to hang it up?

Amanda was asking about George's potty training, it's going really well (hence the lack of moaning from me) whilst at nursery George noticed that Henry stood up to go to the toilet and so started to do the same thing, I know a few people here suggested that but I honestly thought that his bits were so tiny he wouldn't be able to hold it but I was wrong! Number 2's are all sorted pretty much too, I still make a huge fuss of him for it and he's very proud of himself. Isobel is great, if he is "trying" to go for a number 2 she will sit with him and make up stories for him.

The rats await, will report back later x


  1. Love the clock. My son was in Beavers (only for boys in Canada) and my daughter in Brownies (only for girls). She went through Guides and then whatever is after that. My son barely made it through a year of Beavers. It wasn't his thing. Kids can be so different.

  2. Beautiful clock! And thank you for clearing up "The Beavers"! My boys did "Indian Guides" with the Hubs - lots of fun and wonderful memories!

    Ewwwwwwwwww to the rodents! I don't envy you and the job you've got to do..

    Yay for George!! I love that Isobel "helps" him too!!

    Have a great day!

  3. Good for you on composting...yucky for you that you have to dig it out! Have you ever thought about a barrel com poster? It keeps it off the ground. My parent made theirs.

    Yay George! I do not look forward to potty training days.

  4. Congrats on the potty training! Condolences on the compost job. It will burn great calories though! I hope you don't find any rodents dead or alive!

    I have a brownie in the house..she has stuck with it but would drop it in a second.

    I gave you an award a couple of posts back..not sure if you got it :)


  5. Oh ugh on dead rats. No real pressure from me-- post pictures when you're ready, I am sure you are lovely.
    Hugs from across the pond. xo

  6. good luck with the rats!! eww! LOL

  7. Beautiful clock, and I hope the rat-work went alright. :( Poor little pests. Great work on the potty training! Mine still aren't. :( They had an "incident" and are now afraid of the potty monsters. Awesome.

  8. And I agree with Dinnerland, I'm sure you're beautiful! :)