Thursday, 6 January 2011

New school day

Thank you so much for your comments on my last entry, I was really really stressed, is so nice to pour it all out here and then stick a stepford wife style smile on my face!
Thanks for the turkey idea's, Susan. Will have a look for powdered onion soup, I'm sure I'll get it or something similar.

My big boy started a new pre school today, I was a bit worried as it took him a long time to settle in at his last school and he was very attached to his teacher there. I shouldn't have worried at all, he was completely fine, no issues at all, we were shown to his peg and then a teacher invited him to go and play with the sand and he was gone!
This is him in his new school uniform, not a great picture I'm afraid, he's so fond of gadgets that he won't stand still for very long as he can't wait to get to the camera! He was most impressed that he got a biscuit for a snack, he's his mother's son!

My band tightened yesterday and I've not been able to manage toast, awful! I've been eating toast most mornings for about 3 weeks, tried again today and no go! I've not made great choices today, this is partly down to not being organised and the band being tighter. I also gained another pound, again, I feel this is unjustified, I seem to think that this happened a few weeks ago when I got down to the same weight, I don't know what the problem is, am not going to worry too much.

Izzy is back at school tomorrow so will be getting back to the gym which should hopefully help.

Off to catch up, hope that everyone is well xx


  1. Oh how adorable he is in his uniform!! Thank you for the picture!! I love the look on his face! Priceless!!

    And, that's what we're here for - stress relief! I would have loved to have seen the Stepford Wife smile though.. :)

    And don't worry about your pound - it will come off soon enough! You'll get there, I just know it!

  2. This is why I don't have toast as I am often tightest in the morning. My breakfasts are a tub of youghurt, put a little cereal on top (like the berry special K) and a little milk. Quick, a little crunchy but also soft for the bands morning start. You can do it!

  3. what a cute picture! I am glad he likes his new school.

    Toast went early for me especially in the mornings. All I can handle is a cup of coffee until 10am. sometimes I can have 1/2 a piece of toast but normally a Greek yogurt, cheese or some other soft and protein-rich thing is what I choose.

    Good luck figuring out a new breakfast.


  4. Your son is just soooooo cute!

    I've given up on toast in the morning as well. I have gotten stuck every time I've tried it lately.