Saturday, 22 January 2011

Good morning all,

Sorry for my absence, there hasn't been much to say and I've been madly busy with relations arriving and planning for Isobel's party.

I'm still on my plateau, 14st 10 (206 lbs) today, I know that I can try harder, I know that I can do better.

I think that I could do with a fill, I live a fair way from my provider and have to get the kids looked after to go that I need to plan in advance, Paul has a week off towards the end of February so I'm going to book one then.

My Dad and his girlfriend are here at the moment, Janis (the gf) arrived on Thursday afternoon, she lives in Scotland so I picked her up at the airport, my Dad lives in Bournemouth on the South Coast so he arrived last night, Janis and I did some party shopping yesterday morning and baking yesterday afternoon, most of it is done other than the final things to do tomorrow morning, I can't wait for it to be over! So much to think about!

My Aunt arrives at my Mum's today and is over for the party tomorrow too, its going to be really busy. Oddly, I hardly ever see my family and then they all arrive at the same time!

Hope that everyone is well, haven't had any time to read even, will have a little catch up now. Have a good weekend all xx


  1. Have a great weekend! I hope the party goes off without a hitch :)

  2. Enjoy the party! My son's 6th birthday party is next week and we are having it at a Gymnastics place - good for both boys and girls. The birthday parties can get soooo crazy and we have 3 who want them now.

  3. Good to hear from you my dear!! Enjoy your time with your family! I husband cracked up when her read 'Eat My Face'. He loves Allan.

    You are such a good mummy planning this party.

    One thing I know about dieting is that one total concept doesn't work for everyone. You have a family to feed and look after so your struggles are different from mine. I take care of my dog, cat, and husband so I can do things differently.

    You are doing great! You might not always think so but you are!

  4. Good luck with the family bombardment :o)

  5. Enjoy your family and this incredible party you planned!!

    I'm thinking about you!!

  6. Sounds like a busy time... be back when you can come back and post more!
    Enjoy and keep moving forward...

  7. Come to my blog, I gave you an award.