Friday, 29 October 2010

Happy to be home!

Hello lovelies!

The kids and I got back from the Cotswolds last night, I am so happy to be home. It's so stressful being in someone else's home with the kids. They were pretty well behaved most of the time but there is no place like home!

My band felt really tight when I was away, I thought that it was probably down to having to eat what someone else had chosen knowing nothing about my band, I ended up not eating much but making some bad choices, the scale says 15st 7lbs today, 217 lbs, it's like groundhog day!
I remember my friend, Sarah saying about a month ago that I could be under 15 stone but Christmas and thinking (and blogging) that I'd like to be there by the end of October! Not likely unless I catch an awful bug or chop off my arm!

My period never came, I feel fine, I'm not pregnant, I have no idea what is going on, it's very odd.

Just going to catch up on more blogs, caught a couple yesterday, missed reading all about your lives!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Good morning

Hope that everyone is well. Nothing much happening with me, kids are on half term and we're off to the Cotswolds tomorrow to spend time with my aunt.
I'm looking forward to it but there is so much to do and a long drive with 2 kids and just me in the car (Paul has to work)

I've not been doing so well, I'm so tired and I'm not loosing, I'm sort of happy to stay where I am until I get back, would prefer to loose but don't want to be worrying about it whilst I'm away, we should be fairly active for most of the week.

We have a halloween party to go to this afternoon, one of Izzy's class mates is throwing it at a hall, seems like an odd thing to do bearing in mind that there are 19 girls in the class and each one has a birthday party and invites everyone else, that's 20 parties including this one! Too many if you ask me. Anyway, I bought the kids new masks yesterday, this is them modelling them!
I put it on facebook and my friend mention how like me they are! Horrid friend!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Great nsv

Afternoon all,

Scale shocked me with a 2 pound loss this morning, still 2 above my lowest but ok, now weight 15st 7, (217 lbs) how many times have I been here before??
I was better but still not great yesterday, I did drink a fair bit of water which I think must have really helped. I made a great chicken risotto for dinner last night, served myself a medium portion and could only eat half which was great, am warming it for lunch now. I still ate a lot of chocolate though.

The loss has given me a bit of a boost and so far things have been ok today, still no period, 11 days late! No period pains or feeling tearful or extra tightness at all, tis very odd.

The NSV, a mum at Izzy's school came up to me this morning and said "you're looking so slim" this is untrue, I weigh over 15 stone! But was nice to hear anyway.

Wishing everyone a lovely day x

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Not doing great at the moment.

Having a bad few days and eating too much rubbish. I have no idea why, I know that I need a fill but seem to have lost most of my restriction. I'm not feeling great and have been fighting off something all week, I'm really tired and when I'm tired I just want sugar.

It's all excuses of course, I know better and need to do better, I have made an effort and booked a fill, only time I can get there is the 9th of November which isn't great but better than nothing.

My period is really late and I have no idea why, I am not pregnant, no way at all. I am normally very regular, its very odd, I'm not really worried. I wonder if all last week's stress plus being a bit under the weather is the cause.

I'm 4 pounds up which is rubbish, I missed the gym yesterday too. I'm a bad bandster!

Normal service will be resumed very soon. Off to catch up with everyone else. I miss you all xx

Saturday, 16 October 2010

A new lowest lowest low

The scale said 15st 5lbs today!! (215 lbs) at last, I stood on an hour or so later and had gained a pound and yet not eaten or drank anything so I'm pretending that I never saw that! Am very pleased, I really do need a fill, I can eat bread and even a few fries in Mcdonalds last night (special treat for Isobel after karate)

Thanks for your lovely comments about the school thing, I'm going to try and not mention it again as quite frankly its really boring!!

Had a terrible nights sleep last night, George has a cold and I've been up with him lots of times in the last 3 nights, he will not take any medicine and its so frustrating. He's fine during the day though which is annoying! Paul has taken him football training today, he started last week and didn't leave Paul's side, he seemed keen to go so maybe today will be better. This afternoon I am having my hair done, can't wait, far too much grey! Tomorrow we will do something as a family, maybe the zoo again, Izzy loves the bears that have just arrived at the zoo.

Hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend x

Friday, 15 October 2010

I didn't cry!

Thank you to lovely Nikki p and lovely Amanda, your vibes actually worked, I didn't cry and the meeting went really really well.

As far as we knew the meeting was with the head of the lower school when we arrived the overall head of the school was there too.
I was expecting an difficult meeting, I started by explaining the discrepancy with the 2 teachers, it was agreed that that was unacceptable. Great, it was.
I mentioned how Isobel being assessed was mentioned and why was she the only one needing assessment? They responded by saying that Isobel is super bright and they need to assess her for that reason so that they can see how best they can help her develop.
They said that her behaviour is much improved and that she is understanding that her behaviour has consequences.

So actually everything was extremely positive and I'm very very surprised as I was expecting it to be very hard. At the moment we are going to go ahead with the assessment at some point and we are not moving her from the school.
I'm so pleased that its over, thanks so much for all your support over this, don't know what I would do if I didn't have my blog to moan on about it all!

I'm left wondering 2 things, am I the kind of person who completely over reacts? and Will this all come crashing down next week when she does something despicable?

Gah, stayed the same

Still 15st 6lbs! (216 lbs) Although I have been this weight before I think that I only saw it on one day and then bounced up so this is kind of an achievement. It's been 3 days, I've been eating ok but did miss my gym visit yesterday.

We have the school meeting in a couple of hours, I'm dreading it, my husband appears to be back tracking on what he want's to say. My period is due any moment and I have pms, pms for me is me feeling miserable and grumpy and very tearful. I just know that I will cry at the school and look like a complete tit. We have to take George with us too as there is no one to look after him, he's not 100% so not sure how that will be. Please send me "the meeting will go great" vibes.

I think that I've decided in my head to leave it another half term and make a decision during the Christmas holidays, I just don't know what to do for the best.

Hope that everyone is well, I'll report back later.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

School visit

Hello all,

Scale the same today 15st 6lbs (216 lbs) that's ok, I would love to see 215 lbs tomorrow though.

Contacted a school for Izzy yesterday and went for a tour and chat with the head teacher today, George is starting at the nursery attached to the school in January so it would make my life easier for Isobel to go here. Its co-ed, the current year 1 classes each have 10 kids in, 6 boys/4 girls each which I think would be perfect for her, smaller with a mix of sexes. It didn't blow me away but then her current school didn't blow me away when I saw it either. The classes could go up to a maximum of 20, I think that this is unlikely.
The head was nice and understanding and said that they'd love to have her there. They suggested that she attends for the day to see how she feels about the school, I think that that is a great idea.
We have the meeting with her current school tomorrow, I'm dreading it, a part of me feels that I'm at fault.

Isobel woke in the night with a nightmare, she kept saying that her dream catcher didn't work, I think that she thought that the dream catcher got rid of bad dreams. She wouldn't tell me what happened in it and took ages and ages to settle. I've told her that I'm looking at other schools for her and I wonder if that is the reason why, I feel like I'm doing everything wrong!

Its a horrible rainy day here today, hope that its nicer where you are!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Back to my lowest low

Morning all,

Weighed in at 15st 6 (216 lbs) this morning, this is my lowest and I've been here at least 3 times, normally just for one day before bouncing up again. I'm determined that I'll be lower tomorrow or the next day or the day after that, I don't want to bounce upwards again.

Have just heard from a friend that she has booked to have a band next month, this is my friend N who I didn't hear from at all after I sent her a message on facebook saying that I've had a band, I worried about not hearing from her for ages and contacted her and everything was fine, seems that she didn't get my last e-mail and knew nothing of my band at all! I told her about my band last week and she said that she had been looking in to it.
I'm pleased for her, hope that she does well.

Am contacting school's for Isobel today, wish me luck!
Have a wonderful Wednesday x

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Best followers ever.

You lot are! Thanks so much for your comments yesterday, it means so much to me.

I will meet with the headteacher and try and see what is going on. But I'm also going to start looking for other schools, we may have to wait for the start of the next school year (Sept 11) but if I have a plan in place I will feel better.
I do think that it is a nice school but I think that some schools suits some pupils better than others and I think that that must be the case here.
Isobel seems to understand a lot more now, I spoke to her about it calmly yesterday and she told me about an incident which happened yesterday, she knows that I'm upset and she knows that she needs to behave better, lets just see what happens.

Scale was good today, 15st 7lbs, (217 lbs) am really looking forward to getting under 15st, I would like to do it before my next fill, that's sometime in November, I've not booked it yet.

Hope that everyone else is well, I have an hour to read blogs before going on the school run!

Monday, 11 October 2010

School issues again!

Morning, firstly I'll apologise as I'm really really really angry and I don't think that this will make any sense at all and my u doesn't seem to want to work today so it might make even less sense!

My daughter, Isobel is 5 (6 in December) she's in year 1 at school, this is her second year. If you've been unfortunate to read my blog before I have covered this many times! Isobel goes to a private school, it costs over £6k a year plus extra's, its a girls school, this year her she has 2 teachers who job share, mrs B on mon/tues/weds and Mrs T on weds/thur/fri.
Since she has been in year one (about 5 weeks or so) things seem to have been better, I was called in a couple of weeks ago by Mrs B to talk about Isobel being in trouble, she and 5 other girls were sent to the head teacher. She kept bursting in to song in class and not doing as she was told, she's fine on a one to one basis but not whilst working in a group apparently.
This isn't really a shock to me, she is a challenging child, she's very bright and is very loving and sweet but she can be a horror when the mood takes her. There are 19 in her class and 6 or 7 of them can be a real handful too, it's a hard class to teach I should think.

I spoke to Mrs T on Friday morning and just asked generally how she was doing, Mrs T told me she was doing ok, she has her moments but on the whole pretty good and by no means the worst behaved.

This morning Mrs B pulled me in and asked if we'd got anywhere with having her assessed (the school suggested that she was assessed by a educational psychologist about 5 months ago, this was during a meeting with Paul, I was pissed off about it not least as they expected us to pay £500 for it, we contacted the suggested Psychologist and she wasn't available for a few months anyway) I had thought that this had all been forgotten about. So Mrs B went in to great detail about Isobel's bad behaviour, the singing, the calling out etc and followed every sentence she said by saying that she's not the only one. So perhaps if she's not the only one she might need to look at herself as the other teacher was really positive on Friday. I am absolutely raging about it, I spoke to Paul and have made an appointment to see the head teacher this week, I really really do think that the time has come to move her elsewhere, I don't know where though, she's so happy where she is but its getting ridiculous now, its been going on the whole time that she's been there.
I don't know what they are trying to say, are they saying that there is something wrong with her? I really can't take much more from them.
I just feel desperate and angry, really angry.

I'm now typing one handed as George has come for a hug!
Scale said 15st 8lb's (218 lbs) today, I was out on Saturday so am ok with it really, would like to be a new weight soon, am bored with being around here.

Sorry for the massive moan.

Friday, 8 October 2010

boring, boring, Johnny Depp!


Not very much happening with me, doing ok, back down to 15st 7lbs (217 lbs) 1 pound over my lowest, not had much of a loss for a while but think that I need a fill. I'm waiting as I'm away with the kids at my aunts in a couple of weeks and I think I'm very near my sweet spot and I don't want to be getting stuck there (she doesn't know about my band)

I'm going out tonight for Chinese food, I'm looking forward to it but will be sticking with chicken dishes, I can't handle rice or noodles very well. Although I just ate 2 thin slices of toast for breakfast, I had to be careful but it was ok so I may be able to have a little.

I love Johnny Depp, doesn't everyone? I just read this on the internet (he's filming pirates in London at the moment)
What a fantastic guy? I think that I love him even more now!
I'm sorry that I had to link to that particular paper, its a horrible miserable publication commonly known as the Daily Hate! But that article is good and has pictures.

Hope that everyone is well, I'm just trying to get the energy to load up my bag and take George to the zoo, I would prefer to surf the internet all day!
Have a lovely Friday x

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

More bouncing

Haven't blogged since Friday, really nothing has happened in that time!

My scale is all over the place, up to 15st 8lbs today (218 lbs) not sure why but think it must be hormonal, I'm sure that I did the same last month, the problem is that after a couple of days of the scale going up for no reason I think that I may as well eat whatever I please and then I legitimately gain weight, I'm like a hamster on a wheel! Anyway, am back on track now, it will come down, I wonder how many times there will be an entry in my blog just like this one? Same time next month everyone!

Life is the same as normal, kids ok, had a viewing of the house on Sunday, no good apparently, think that we will take it off the market quite soon, I can't stand the uncertainty of it all. I did some serious decluttering and get rid of lots of stuff so I'm happy about that.

It seems to have suddenly hit me that Christmas is on its way, which means Isobel's birthday is on its way too and as well as Christmas I have a party to organise and even worse, pay for. Her birthday is the 22nd of December but I normally have her party in January, we're so busy around her birthday/Christmas and its something nice to look forward too in bleak January.

Hope that everyone is ok, just off to read what everyone has been doing.