Friday, 29 October 2010

Happy to be home!

Hello lovelies!

The kids and I got back from the Cotswolds last night, I am so happy to be home. It's so stressful being in someone else's home with the kids. They were pretty well behaved most of the time but there is no place like home!

My band felt really tight when I was away, I thought that it was probably down to having to eat what someone else had chosen knowing nothing about my band, I ended up not eating much but making some bad choices, the scale says 15st 7lbs today, 217 lbs, it's like groundhog day!
I remember my friend, Sarah saying about a month ago that I could be under 15 stone but Christmas and thinking (and blogging) that I'd like to be there by the end of October! Not likely unless I catch an awful bug or chop off my arm!

My period never came, I feel fine, I'm not pregnant, I have no idea what is going on, it's very odd.

Just going to catch up on more blogs, caught a couple yesterday, missed reading all about your lives!


  1. I was sp glad to see you are back. Have you considered doing a short liquid diet just to jump start your metabolism again? Only reaso. I say so is another blogger is doing so and it seems to be working. I think she is doing it for a week. I'll send you here name if you are interested. Chris seems to be doing better now...mentally and physically. Poor guy

  2. Welcome back, Girlfriend!! We missed YOU! Take some time to chill and let us all know all about your time away - I can't wait to hear!!

  3. The blog name is dinnerland. I thought i could link it in this comment but I can't for what ever reason! However if you can't find her let me know and I will link it in a post!

  4. Your children are so cute. I'm glad you are back to familiar surroundings.