Sunday, 24 October 2010

Good morning

Hope that everyone is well. Nothing much happening with me, kids are on half term and we're off to the Cotswolds tomorrow to spend time with my aunt.
I'm looking forward to it but there is so much to do and a long drive with 2 kids and just me in the car (Paul has to work)

I've not been doing so well, I'm so tired and I'm not loosing, I'm sort of happy to stay where I am until I get back, would prefer to loose but don't want to be worrying about it whilst I'm away, we should be fairly active for most of the week.

We have a halloween party to go to this afternoon, one of Izzy's class mates is throwing it at a hall, seems like an odd thing to do bearing in mind that there are 19 girls in the class and each one has a birthday party and invites everyone else, that's 20 parties including this one! Too many if you ask me. Anyway, I bought the kids new masks yesterday, this is them modelling them!
I put it on facebook and my friend mention how like me they are! Horrid friend!


  1. Don't get yourself too down! Have a fun time away and get back in the groove when you get back! 20 parties is insane. I bet you feel like you have to go to every single one too! YUCK. Cute masks!!

  2. I've plateaued too so don't worry. It'll break soon. You should just say to your friend that you think the kids look more like their daddy instead of you! But they do look cute.

    I always wonder about all the birthday invites. My kids could only invite the same number as their age, so when they were 5 they could invite 5 kids. I think we sort of weaned away from parties by the time they were 10. I couldn't afford to buy all those presents for others so was happy they didn't get invited to too many parties.

  3. What adorable masks!! They look ready for Halloween!!

    Enjoy your time away! Recharge, and get back to yourself.. Time away is always good.

    And I agree - that is too many! Some parents feel the need to overdo everything!

    Enjoy your week!!

  4. Definitely too many parties, but I love halloween parties. Don't have any to go to, but I think next year I'm going to have to throw one.