Friday, 8 October 2010

boring, boring, Johnny Depp!


Not very much happening with me, doing ok, back down to 15st 7lbs (217 lbs) 1 pound over my lowest, not had much of a loss for a while but think that I need a fill. I'm waiting as I'm away with the kids at my aunts in a couple of weeks and I think I'm very near my sweet spot and I don't want to be getting stuck there (she doesn't know about my band)

I'm going out tonight for Chinese food, I'm looking forward to it but will be sticking with chicken dishes, I can't handle rice or noodles very well. Although I just ate 2 thin slices of toast for breakfast, I had to be careful but it was ok so I may be able to have a little.

I love Johnny Depp, doesn't everyone? I just read this on the internet (he's filming pirates in London at the moment)
What a fantastic guy? I think that I love him even more now!
I'm sorry that I had to link to that particular paper, its a horrible miserable publication commonly known as the Daily Hate! But that article is good and has pictures.

Hope that everyone is well, I'm just trying to get the energy to load up my bag and take George to the zoo, I would prefer to surf the internet all day!
Have a lovely Friday x


  1. Ooo I love Johnny Depp too! Enjoy the dinner tonight.. Love Chinese too.. tend to stick with chicken and string beans (although the noodles don't bother me).. AND ENJOY THE ZOO (haven't been to a zoo in years.. that's if you don't consider the place I work a zoo lol).

  2. I read about Johnny Depp going to that school. So amazing!
    Have a great dinner out - I love Chinese too.

  3. Morning! Ohh Chinese! haven't had it in ages though. I make a lot of asian inspired dishes at home so we don't tend to go out for Chinese very often. Have fun at the zoo! Chris got a birthday package last night from the UK. Had all sorts of english choco and candy! So glad I am not a big time candy person but I have to admit I might go see what's to taste in it!

  4. MMMmmmmm!!! Chinese!! Sounds wonderful!! Have an egg roll for me!! Enjoy the zoo, too! I haven't been to the zoo in ages - wish I were going with you guys!

  5. Hope you enjoy your day! I had Chinese for lunch! my hubby kidnapped me at work to take me, so yummy! hope you enjoy it!