Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Back to my lowest low

Morning all,

Weighed in at 15st 6 (216 lbs) this morning, this is my lowest and I've been here at least 3 times, normally just for one day before bouncing up again. I'm determined that I'll be lower tomorrow or the next day or the day after that, I don't want to bounce upwards again.

Have just heard from a friend that she has booked to have a band next month, this is my friend N who I didn't hear from at all after I sent her a message on facebook saying that I've had a band, I worried about not hearing from her for ages and contacted her and everything was fine, seems that she didn't get my last e-mail and knew nothing of my band at all! I told her about my band last week and she said that she had been looking in to it.
I'm pleased for her, hope that she does well.

Am contacting school's for Isobel today, wish me luck!
Have a wonderful Wednesday x


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  2. yay Alison.. nice loss.. you will surely be on the downward trend.. hang in there

  3. Good Morning my dear! Thanks for such a lovely comment on my blog yesterday! I am doing much better this morning!

    Yay for a lowest weight and these damn scales are doing my head in I wish they would stay the same from day to day! One day I am up and one day I am down! BLAH!

    Good luck contacting schools. I feel sure you will find the right fit for her! You're right Yorkshire people are good looking!

  4. Congratulations on your new low! Isn't it a lovely feeling when those scales move in the right direction?!
    Good luck with the school situation; I hope it all comes right for Isobel and you very, very soon.

  5. Great loss! I hope everything goes well with Isobel's school.

  6. Congrats on your lowest low that is awesome!!! You must feel amazing!!!


  7. congrats on your loss.

    - Lisa