Friday, 15 October 2010

I didn't cry!

Thank you to lovely Nikki p and lovely Amanda, your vibes actually worked, I didn't cry and the meeting went really really well.

As far as we knew the meeting was with the head of the lower school when we arrived the overall head of the school was there too.
I was expecting an difficult meeting, I started by explaining the discrepancy with the 2 teachers, it was agreed that that was unacceptable. Great, it was.
I mentioned how Isobel being assessed was mentioned and why was she the only one needing assessment? They responded by saying that Isobel is super bright and they need to assess her for that reason so that they can see how best they can help her develop.
They said that her behaviour is much improved and that she is understanding that her behaviour has consequences.

So actually everything was extremely positive and I'm very very surprised as I was expecting it to be very hard. At the moment we are going to go ahead with the assessment at some point and we are not moving her from the school.
I'm so pleased that its over, thanks so much for all your support over this, don't know what I would do if I didn't have my blog to moan on about it all!

I'm left wondering 2 things, am I the kind of person who completely over reacts? and Will this all come crashing down next week when she does something despicable?


  1. I din't think you overreact. We are all very sensitive to potential criticism of our children. It brings our Mama Bear instincts out. I'm glad it went well.

  2. Your a loving mother, so yes, you are going to get emotional when someone is saying something potentially negative about one of your children! I wouldn't expect any different! I am so happy that things went so well for you, and quit worrying about something that happened yet, and may not!

  3. oh yeah, and a second note, I completely know what you mean about the tears (that you mentioned earlier), I am like that when I PMS, which is currently happening. I cry at commercials, and for no reason what so ever.

  4. So glad it went well, and sorry you have had so much stress about this.

    Thanks for your sweet comments too!