Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Not doing great at the moment.

Having a bad few days and eating too much rubbish. I have no idea why, I know that I need a fill but seem to have lost most of my restriction. I'm not feeling great and have been fighting off something all week, I'm really tired and when I'm tired I just want sugar.

It's all excuses of course, I know better and need to do better, I have made an effort and booked a fill, only time I can get there is the 9th of November which isn't great but better than nothing.

My period is really late and I have no idea why, I am not pregnant, no way at all. I am normally very regular, its very odd, I'm not really worried. I wonder if all last week's stress plus being a bit under the weather is the cause.

I'm 4 pounds up which is rubbish, I missed the gym yesterday too. I'm a bad bandster!

Normal service will be resumed very soon. Off to catch up with everyone else. I miss you all xx


  1. I hope you start to feel better soon!

  2. Boo to Aunt Flo screwing things up and coming late. Feel better soon, dear!

  3. Sorr you're having a hard time. That fill will help.