Thursday, 14 October 2010

School visit

Hello all,

Scale the same today 15st 6lbs (216 lbs) that's ok, I would love to see 215 lbs tomorrow though.

Contacted a school for Izzy yesterday and went for a tour and chat with the head teacher today, George is starting at the nursery attached to the school in January so it would make my life easier for Isobel to go here. Its co-ed, the current year 1 classes each have 10 kids in, 6 boys/4 girls each which I think would be perfect for her, smaller with a mix of sexes. It didn't blow me away but then her current school didn't blow me away when I saw it either. The classes could go up to a maximum of 20, I think that this is unlikely.
The head was nice and understanding and said that they'd love to have her there. They suggested that she attends for the day to see how she feels about the school, I think that that is a great idea.
We have the meeting with her current school tomorrow, I'm dreading it, a part of me feels that I'm at fault.

Isobel woke in the night with a nightmare, she kept saying that her dream catcher didn't work, I think that she thought that the dream catcher got rid of bad dreams. She wouldn't tell me what happened in it and took ages and ages to settle. I've told her that I'm looking at other schools for her and I wonder if that is the reason why, I feel like I'm doing everything wrong!

Its a horrible rainy day here today, hope that its nicer where you are!


  1. You are not doing everything wrong! Kids do not come with a handbook. We do the best we can as moms. You are doing everythin you can to help get her into a better situation, if you were ignoring her needs then you might be a bad momma!! You will both get through this. Her nightmare was probably nothing related to school, she's of that age now where they have bad dreams. My daughter (5) has them too sometimes. Just take a deep breath and when all else fails remember that none of our moms were perfect and we still turned out ok!!

  2. Both my girls have nightmares fairly regularly. They eventually outgrow them. And you are not doing everything wrong!! You are looking out for your child's best interests and if that doesn't make you a good mother then I don't know what does. I think a trial day at the new school is a great idea

  3. Hey Alison.. You're being a wonderful Mum.. You're doing what you believe needs to be done for Isobel. Your little one is five. She is doing what all five year olds do.. Five year olds act up in school, have nightmares, and need our love and attention - you're doing a beautiful job giving that to her.

    ((hugs)) to you on this horrible day.. Be strong tomorrow, and remember that YOU are not the child in that room who needs to be scolded - you're Isobel's Mother. You're the one who is paying the tuition. You're the one who gets to demand that your little one get the best care possible.

    No, little ones don't come with manuals, thankfully so. We love them, we care for their needs, we support them when they need it. They are all individuals with individual needs. Keep doing what you believe is best for her.

  4. You're a great mum! Letting her know what is going on is really important. Kids need some ramp up time before a big change. I'm sure you let her know she can talk to you about her worries and fears.