Friday, 15 October 2010

Gah, stayed the same

Still 15st 6lbs! (216 lbs) Although I have been this weight before I think that I only saw it on one day and then bounced up so this is kind of an achievement. It's been 3 days, I've been eating ok but did miss my gym visit yesterday.

We have the school meeting in a couple of hours, I'm dreading it, my husband appears to be back tracking on what he want's to say. My period is due any moment and I have pms, pms for me is me feeling miserable and grumpy and very tearful. I just know that I will cry at the school and look like a complete tit. We have to take George with us too as there is no one to look after him, he's not 100% so not sure how that will be. Please send me "the meeting will go great" vibes.

I think that I've decided in my head to leave it another half term and make a decision during the Christmas holidays, I just don't know what to do for the best.

Hope that everyone is well, I'll report back later.


  1. "The Meeting Will Go Great", "The Meeting Will Go Great", "The Meeting Will Go Great", "The Meeting Will Go Great", "The Meeting Will Go Great" .....

  2. Looking forward to hearing how the meeeting will go! George will be fine and as for you crying...pinch yourself right when you start to get teary eyed! Although by now I am sure you've had the meeting! Congrats on the low weight too! Especially if your period is due. I bet you are even lower!!

  3. Good luck with your meeting!

  4. The power of positive thinking, it will go good, it will go okay!