Saturday, 16 October 2010

A new lowest lowest low

The scale said 15st 5lbs today!! (215 lbs) at last, I stood on an hour or so later and had gained a pound and yet not eaten or drank anything so I'm pretending that I never saw that! Am very pleased, I really do need a fill, I can eat bread and even a few fries in Mcdonalds last night (special treat for Isobel after karate)

Thanks for your lovely comments about the school thing, I'm going to try and not mention it again as quite frankly its really boring!!

Had a terrible nights sleep last night, George has a cold and I've been up with him lots of times in the last 3 nights, he will not take any medicine and its so frustrating. He's fine during the day though which is annoying! Paul has taken him football training today, he started last week and didn't leave Paul's side, he seemed keen to go so maybe today will be better. This afternoon I am having my hair done, can't wait, far too much grey! Tomorrow we will do something as a family, maybe the zoo again, Izzy loves the bears that have just arrived at the zoo.

Hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend x


  1. Yay! Congrats on your new lowest low!
    I'm glad the school thing seems better too.

  2. yippy, congrats on your new low.
    Enjoy your "me time" when you get your hair done.

  3. I never mind you mentioning school. This is a place to release your feelings! So do it! Have a lovely weekend with the family and enjoy getting your hair done! I always feel so good after mines been cut and colored!

  4. Yea!! Great job Alison.
    I'm glad things went OK at school yesterday.

  5. Way to go Lady on that scale moving downward - your new lowest low!! And, I'm with Amanda.. This is a good place to pour out your troubles when you need to.. Besides, that's what we're here for!

    I hope you enjoyed your pampering and have a terrific family weekend!! ENJOY!!