Tuesday, 5 October 2010

More bouncing

Haven't blogged since Friday, really nothing has happened in that time!

My scale is all over the place, up to 15st 8lbs today (218 lbs) not sure why but think it must be hormonal, I'm sure that I did the same last month, the problem is that after a couple of days of the scale going up for no reason I think that I may as well eat whatever I please and then I legitimately gain weight, I'm like a hamster on a wheel! Anyway, am back on track now, it will come down, I wonder how many times there will be an entry in my blog just like this one? Same time next month everyone!

Life is the same as normal, kids ok, had a viewing of the house on Sunday, no good apparently, think that we will take it off the market quite soon, I can't stand the uncertainty of it all. I did some serious decluttering and get rid of lots of stuff so I'm happy about that.

It seems to have suddenly hit me that Christmas is on its way, which means Isobel's birthday is on its way too and as well as Christmas I have a party to organise and even worse, pay for. Her birthday is the 22nd of December but I normally have her party in January, we're so busy around her birthday/Christmas and its something nice to look forward too in bleak January.

Hope that everyone is ok, just off to read what everyone has been doing.


  1. I did the same thing this morning thinking about Christmas! It is so flippin cold here this morning. We went from Summer to Winter it feels! Chris is going to be over in Yorkshire for Christmas and New Years and I am staying here! So blah! But it should be closer to my surgery so I guess I have something to look forward too! Happy Tuesday my dear!

  2. It happens to all of us and I do think it is hormonal! I hit the same point every month, I am guaranteed a gain and then the next week it comes off, so frustrating! Just keep your head up, and don't give into the mind tricks! It is funny how our minds can justify bad choices so quickly! <3

  3. LOL~ Meadowhall! I think I will survive! Chris is going for 2 weeks. It might be a little lonely but we don't have kids so Christmas is just another day kinda and I'll have my parents to be with. I could go. But I would rather let him visit with family and friends and then go back for a visit later in the year. Plus if I am in pre-op liquid diet I do not want to go. Yuck. No fish and chips! :)

  4. Thank you Sweet Lady for your prayers.. I will keep you posted on the little one. And it is YOUR fault - well, yours and Amanda - that my list has gotten five times larger!! I'm feeling all guilty like because I thought I was ahead of the game by putting my gourds out for Halloween!! Now you guys have me thinking about holly 'n stuff!