Thursday, 21 October 2010

Great nsv

Afternoon all,

Scale shocked me with a 2 pound loss this morning, still 2 above my lowest but ok, now weight 15st 7, (217 lbs) how many times have I been here before??
I was better but still not great yesterday, I did drink a fair bit of water which I think must have really helped. I made a great chicken risotto for dinner last night, served myself a medium portion and could only eat half which was great, am warming it for lunch now. I still ate a lot of chocolate though.

The loss has given me a bit of a boost and so far things have been ok today, still no period, 11 days late! No period pains or feeling tearful or extra tightness at all, tis very odd.

The NSV, a mum at Izzy's school came up to me this morning and said "you're looking so slim" this is untrue, I weigh over 15 stone! But was nice to hear anyway.

Wishing everyone a lovely day x


  1. Yay! And how sweet of Izzy! Don't discount what she is saying! I bet you are looking slim!
    Alison, thank you so much for your comments! I was truly down but you are right this is only a blip in the bigger picture! Thank you!

  2. Enjoy the compliments! Way to go on the WL!

  3. Way to go on the WL - you and I are about the same weight. I haven't seen this weight in about 8 years or so. My lowest was like 224 or so. But, we're getting there. Just think - we'll see ONEDERLAND one day!!!!

  4. Way to GO on that 2lb loss!! You've EARNED that compliment - Keep up the good work!!