Thursday, 30 September 2010

Bouncy Friday

That title sounds much more exciting than this entry will be!

Scale said 15st 6lbs (216 lbs) yesterday so back to my lowest, very happy, feel everything is going well. Today the scale said 15st 7lbs (217) no idea why, just an unexplainable bounce. Really hoping to get lower in the next couple of days.
I'm planning an autumn clean of my house, its not great at the moment and we are trying to sell it, my main problem is clutter, we just have so much stuff. I just cleared out a storage cupboard, its pretty small, goes under the stairs and I managed to get 3 large bin bags of stuff out of it to throw away, at least a bin bag of carrier bags??? and another bin bag to sell when I get around to doing another sale. And yet its pretty full although neater when I've put the stuff back in!
The kids have a play room which is stuffed with stuff, we have a large toy box which I moved on top of a drawer when we had George's party, it's full but no one has requested any of the stuff out of it so my next job will be getting rid of some of the junk in there.

We have a busy weekend coming up, Saturday we're looking at a school for George, I'm also looking to see if its suitable for Isobel, would love to get away from the horrible Mums but I'm sure that they won't be that different here.
Have another viewing on the house on Sunday, it all seems pointless, we must have had maybe 7 viewings in the last 10 weeks and no one has shown even a tiny hint of interest. Paul is all for taking it off the market and staying put, I know that he will be searching the internet for other houses and we will be trying to sell again in a few months.

So lots of cleaning and sorting and tidying and throwing stuff away, no one can say that I don't know how to live!

Hope that all my lovely blogging friends are well, Ryder cup started this morning, Mrs C! I can't work out why they would do it in deepest Wales in October, the weather will be atrocious!


  1. I think right now is just a hard time to sell for everyone. Don't get too discouraged, it will happen for you.

  2. Morning!! You are a busy lady right now aren't ya!? Me too. I can't wait to just sit for an hour and read! My scale has been bouncing a lot recently too. But I think more then anything I haven't been drinking enough water! Good luck with the school visit and organizing your home. It is one of the hardest things for me to motivate to do but I am always happy when it is done!

  3. I feel for you with the organizing the clutter. I have to tackle my home office/sewing room/craft room. I have so many started projects that I do not have time to get back to. We've decided to move my 5 yr old son into my office. He currently shares a room with my 2 yr old daughter. Now I have to figure out what I want to store and what I want to get rid of. I'm not looking forward to it.

    I hope you find a buyer for your home. And...good luck with the school.

  4. Hey Alison! Good luck with that cleaning the clutter thing.. Oh heavens, that's a job.. Good luck with your viewing.. Selling at this time is so hard. Our home had been on the market a year before we took it off. We're doing some work now thinking maybe we'll re-list it after the holidays.. we'll see - I'm not in a hurry to sell it.

    Ohhhhh I KNOW the Ryder Cup started!! I woke up today with my steaming cuppa Starbucks ready to watch - and it is SUSPENDED!! UGH!!! - Oh you're right the weather is atrocious! I guess I'll just put my little flag away and find something else to do!!

    Have a GREAT one today!!

  5. ha! Well don't tell him! Trust me if anyone was a new flier on that flight..they'd never fly again! Do you guys travel much? Probably hard with 2 young kids!

  6. Chris and I have been to Scotland but we really didn't get to explore much! I really am looking forward to camping. I enjoy it quite a bit especially when we aren't hiking into a place and I can bring a few creature comforts!

  7. Hey Lady! Congrats on the Ryder Cup Victory!! Way to go! Your guys played hard and deserved it!! Great matches!

    Have a great week!!

  8. Oh thanks a lot for mentioning Yorkshire puds!!! Now I miss those too. My mother and sister in law make the best ones. Yummy! But you can keep your mushy peas lady. Just keep um. :) Don't tell...but in a way I am looking forward to him going. 2 weeks might be a little long..but I'll survive! Plus no cooking..