Wednesday, 1 September 2010

September is here and my restriction seems to have gone.

I noticed that there had been a lot of people talking about blogs having more photo's, I'm not someone that enjoys having my photo taken but thought I would show a picture of the rest of my little family with the fat controller. George was in awe!

How odd, my restriction went on Monday afternoon, lunch was a struggle, dinner I could have eaten a whole cow no problem at all.
We had a picnic at the Thomas day on Monday, so I was eating in public and not near any toilets. I had 2 ryvita and really struggled, I felt a little stuck but not too bad so drank water and felt something move down, could I have stretched the band then? I would tell someone else that its unlikely but it just seems odd.

I ate terribly yesterday, I'm so fed up of the scale not moving and I used it as an excuse. I'm up 3 pounds today, I know that this is unrealistic and if I'm good today it will drop tomorrow.

Just had a viewing on our house, I had 30 minutes to make it presentable, that was a hard job!! We're going to take it off the market as the other house has gone but need to keep it on with the agent for 12 weeks, think that we're half way there. They were really nice people.

My kids go back to school in 8 days! I can hardly wait, aren't I a terrible mother?
Hope that everyone is well xx

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