Monday, 27 September 2010


Loving all the BOOBS pics, still very envious.

Do you ever feel like you don't really do anything? And that you don't really matter? I feel like that at the moment, don't get me wrong, I'm very lucky, I have a lovely husband and children.

I feel really really lonely, I have some friends but most aren't local and aren't in the same situation as me so I don't get to see them very much. Paul's family aren't local to us so we don't see them very much, my mother isn't far away but they don't seem very interested. I don't just feel lonely for me, I feel lonely for the kids and Paul, its always just us or if he's at work just me and the children. I think that the situation with the school Mums has kind of magnified things for me, I actively don't get involved with them and so am alone at pick ups and drop off's.
I have a good friend locally, we text back and forth most of the day and meet up when we can, she's really very busy but I know that if I needed anything she'd be there.
I've tried to make friends and I do know a few people but they're not real friends, George doesn't really enjoy groups and neither do I to be honest. He is quite happy at home, I feel like I'm holding him back, maybe I should take him to more places.

I ate loads of rubbish yesterday and seem to have gained another couple of pounds, I'm back on track today and I know that it will come off, I wonder if that has effected my mood?

Anyway, probably best ignoring this self pitying post, I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow, wish me a good night, was up with George 3 times last night!! Probably another reason for feeling so sorry for myself!

Hope that everyone is well.


  1. (((hugggss))) to you, Alison... I know exactly how you feel sometimes.. But know that you do matter.. You matter to two precious Angels, to a man who loves you - and to me..

    Sounds like too little sleep and too much rubbish.. The weather is changing too.. These are factors which get me to thinking as you are right now. But know that you DO matter.. To so many...


  2. You matter. We have all had those days, don't feel alone. I do not make friends easily and truly I don't have any friends (other than bloggers). I think its hard as an adult, life and kids get in the way. You matter.

  3. So sorry you feel like this & hope it gets better soon. Always come here for friendship - we are here!

  4. I'm sorry for how you are feeling. I totally know how you feel, though. For me, it's more about couples who my hubby and I can hang with. I have my friends and he has his friends, but it would be nice to have couples we can spend time with together.

  5. So sorry you feel down! I completely understand where you are coming from though. I am a home body, and don't get out much. I really only have two friends, and they are both 2,000 miles away. I have been in Florida for over a year now, and have met very few people. I feel bad for my husband, because he is a busy body, and I never feel like going out in public, hoping that will start to change soon! I am sure you will feel better in a day or two, but if not, we are here for you!

  6. Its normal to eat when your feel down... im an emotional eater and it sucks! As soon as i feel depression kickin in im off eating somethign horrid.

    Its hard making friends and i think it does depend a lot on whether you are willing to put yourself out there or not.... im very social but im very outspoken loud and out there kind of person so i tend to have people in my life... if you work on your confidence people will naturally be attracked to you.

    Your amazing... dont worry about the little gain... we all have moments of weakness and at the moment your feeling fragile and thats ok

    ash x

  7. I feel totally alone sometimes since I live 1000 miles from my hometown, friends and family... I am a scrapbooker so I started going to a local scrapbook store and cropping there and I met alot of new friends at the crops. i totally enjoyed the BOOBS weekend and meeting so many BOOBS in person, but look forward to meeting a whole bunch more BOOBS at next year's get-together.*Maria*-blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Follow my journey at