Saturday, 25 September 2010

Jeans problem!

Morning all,

My BOOBS envy continues unabated! I would love to be there, love seeing the photos though!

Not had a great weekend so far, started Friday, had lunch out with George, I had a prawn salad which was more pasta than prawn, I ate all the prawn and salad but left most of the pasta as I just can't eat it now. Got home and was starving and picked all afternoon, decided to check the calorie's of the salad on line and it was 185 inc. the pasta. Pretty sure not eating enough protein at lunch caused me to eat too much.
Yesterday I went to the gym, had granola and yoghurt for breakfast, chicken for lunch but then baked a cake for Paul, I ate some of it too, not that much but enough. Was really fancying crumpets for dinner but after 2 bites and 2 pb's threw them away.
Scale was up to 15st 8lbs today, an gain of almost 2 pounds, not really deserved and I know that I will loose it but feel a little deflated. Certain areas of my body aren't functioning that well so that could be part of the problem maybe?

I need new jeans, I'm not really ready to go down another size just yet and that isn't really the issue. I have an odd shaped body, I carry all my weight on my top half, although my legs are a little chubby they are thin compared to my top half, I can't wear bootcut jeans because of this, there is just too much material in the thigh for me. I generally wear boyfriend/slouch style to balance my top half out but looked at my reflection the other day and think that they look a bit daft, there was loads of baggy material. Just not sure what style to try next, I have some straight leg jeans but think that the accentuate the smallness of my legs compared to my top half same for skinnies, just not sure what to try next. I guess that the thing to do would be try lots of different brands, I'm very confused!

I'm off to the gym this morning then taking George's cot to a friends house, it's sad really getting rid of my baby's baby things, I don't need it and she does so better that it goes. She happens to live near a large outlet centre so I will be having a wander around on my own for a hour or 2, am really looking forward to it, shame about the weather though, its wild here.

Hope that everyone has a lovely Sunday.


  1. I hope you have a wonderful jeans shopping adventure. I'd try on a whole variety of styles and brands and eventually you'll hit on one or two that do exactly what you want them to! Good luck!

  2. Try to enjoy yourself shopping, and forget about the rest of the not so wonderful weekend. I know shopping is one thing I look forward to when I get down in weight. I have always hated shopping, and usually have to be forced to go, just to leave 20 minutes after I start all frustrated. It is definitely one thing that automatically puts me in a sour mood. The last time I lost a significant amount of weight I really started to enjoy shopping. Now that I have gained it all back I back to the old me. but I will get there soon! Enjoy yourself!

  3. Finding jeans are tough. Good luck.

  4. I hate finding jeans! They have started putting spandex in the jeans here and they get so baggy after a while. I have some luck with Old Navy sizes, I think they have a boyfriend style and they may be running a sale!