Thursday, 16 September 2010

On some strange anti-plateau island

I'm very very happy to say that the scale said 15st 9lb this morning which is 219 lb's, I had a very good day yesterday, not that hungry (due to TOM I think) ate about 1000 cals which is low for me and was rewarded with a 1 pound loss overnight. I'm really pleased but surprised about how quickly it has come off, I weighed 222 lb's on Monday. I know that this is one of the times that must balance out all of the plateau's, I'm very much enjoying it and long may it reign!

My poorly boy is still a poorly boy and has missed nursery today, he's still not eating or drinking although did have a little juice earlier, he won't take medicine and keeps dramatically exclaiming that he needs to go to the Dr! He's my (just) 3 year old drama queen. This means that I miss the gym but if Paul is home early enough later I will go.

My big girl seems to have started sleep walking, every night since Sunday she's coming in to our room as saying that she can't find something but can't say what she's lost, I take her back to her bed normally and I'm half asleep, Paul took her last night and said she still seemed more asleep than awake. She also had a huge meltdown over nothing this morning which is unlike her, she gets very rude and stroppy but we don't normally get tears, I think that something must be playing on her mind, I wonder if its school related? I'll try and chat to her later.

So, that's all the things happening in my world. Hope that everyone is well x


  1. The sleepwalking can be so creepy! My oldest has done it a couple times and it freaks me out! I, personally, sleepwalk and have night terrors so my poor hubby is very lucky if he can get a full night's rest. Hope your son feels better soon!

  2. Isn't being a parent fun?

    Great job on the weight loss!