Friday, 24 September 2010

coffee and tv

That's my morning so far, it's only 8.30 and Paul is working from home and so has taken Isobel to school which is lovely for me, the school run is an hours round trip. I'm drinking coffee and George is watching tv! We don't normally have it on very much but the poor thing is constipated again and in a lot of pain, seems to distract him a little bit. We'll probably go back to the Dr's about it, he's always been fine but since the 3 days of not eating it all seems to have got a bit messed up and fresh juices don't seem to be helping.

I'm so so so jealous of everyone being in Chicago, I would so love to be there. I've mentioned it to Paul and I want to try and pave the way for me going next year, not sure I'll be able to afford it but I'm hoping that I'll be pretty much where I want to be so it would be a fantastic reward.

Had a new low on the scale, it said 15st 6 and 3/4lb's today (216 pounds) I stood on the scale twice and it said the same, stood again later and back to 15st 7 but I'm pretending it never happened and claiming it!
Tomorrow will be my 6 month anniversary and I've lost 37 pounds, not the most or fastest, not helped by struggling to get to my Dr's office and them being conservative with fills. But I'm really happy with how its going, I don't feel deprived in anyway, its amazing that when you know that you can't physically eat something (bread, pasta,rice etc) you don't crave it anymore.

Had a mini manicure at the gym yesterday, manicure places are not so widespread in the UK, you can go in to the beauticians and have manicures but they are expensive, £25 ish which most be $40ish I think. Anyway, the beautician at my gym does a quick file and nail paint which doesn't cost very much so I'm booked in every week, I'm rubbish at painting my nails. Its amazing how much better they make me feel!

A NSV, I so got checked out yesterday by a van driver as I was driving George back from nursery, I had a dress on which had ridden up a bit and he was leering at my out of the window. I have to say that my legs are looking great, pale but great! I have always carried all my weight on my top half although not my boobs! So unfair.

Potty training has been a disaster, thanks for your comments on it, I'm very much a wait until they're ready kind of person, he really isn't ready and with the constipation I'm keeping him in nappies for now. I don't think that he's far away.
George starts football (soccer) classes tomorrow, although he likes to kick a ball he's such a nervous little thing that I know that he will stand in the middle of the field with his hands over his ears!

Have a lovely day, can't wait to read all about boobs.


  1. Ahahaha i love the NSV thats fantastic ahahahah

  2. Its worth mentioning I wouldn't have touched him with yours but it was nice all the same!

  3. Hey! Congrats on the NSV!! Good for YOU! And it's good to hear that I'm not the only manicure-aholic on the block! Way to go!!

  4. Hi Alison,
    on the constipation thingy I found a couple of teaspoons of brown sugar in the juice does the trick. My daughter really suffered from it when she was small and it worked every time. Well done on the weight loss. It's nice to hear stones mentioned once in a while ;-)