Wednesday, 15 September 2010

New low and general moaning.

Firstly, thank you for all your messages about our anniversary, so nice to read!

Yesterday was a bit of a disaster, firstly unexpected TOM decided to arrive, I'm sure it was due, I'm just not very good about remembering when I'm due, as my bf pointed out there would be no re-enacting of the wedding night so not such a bad thing!
Unfortunately, TOM brought a serious case of the the grumps. I knew that Paul had arranged for flowers to be delivered and I was in most of the day until school pick up, went to pick up Izzy and took her and her friend to art club. Got home at 5.30 pm to a card from the florist saying that they had taken the flowers back to the shop and I needed to collect them! I've never ever ever heard of a florist doing that, on the rare occasions I get flowers they normally leave them at the back door. I called the florist and got nowhere, I had no time to go and fetch them so I can only assume that they're rotting somewhere. Paul said that he'd sort it out but did nothing so I have no flowers, he said that I mustn't go and get them and he'd get them sorted for redelivery today. Let's just see if that works.
It kind of spoiled things for me, I know that I sound like a spoilt bitch but I was really upset. Anyway, I made a nice dinner, Paul really enjoyed it, I couldn't eat much, stress and TOM killed my appetite, I bought Ben and Jerry's frozen fish food yoghurt for desert, trying to be good but wasn't really bothered about eating it.

Today the scale said 15st 10lbs (220 lbs) a new low and total loss of 33 pounds. I'm surprised and pleased, I had some cake and biscuits yesterday afternoon, mainly as I missed breakfast and it seemed to really mess me up. Best Friend said today that I could be below 15 stone for Christmas which would mean loosing 11 lbs' I want to be there by the end of October! So that's my goal now.

I wonder if I could do with a small fill, I'm doing ok where I am just now but it feels quite slow. I know that slow is best, think I'll leave it for now.

I've noticed that my scar is fading, it was really quite dark red but recently seems to have faded quite a bit. I really ought to use bio oil on it, I've used it maybe once!

My poor little man isn't at all well, he's getting yet another new tooth, a large back one and won't eat or drink, he's just laying on the rug right now, poor love.

Have become an on line shopaholic, today I received a new mobile phone, 2 Laura Ashley bed sets for Izzy and a new top from Boden for me, I love it, it'd like getting presents brought to my door.

Hope that everyone is well, sorry for moaning!


  1. You moan away Alison, thats what your blog is for, the good and the bad.
    I haven't heard of a florist doing that either. How strange. When they have been paid to deliver them thats what they should do. Hope they send you something very nice to make up for their poor service.
    Well done on the weight loss. How many fills have you had? I am only on my second fill but the gap between the two was murder and I didn't lose any weight for ages. Now I have had the second fill its coming off nicely but its only week two. I hope it lasts. I had my surgery on the 22nd of March and I weigh about the same as you now. (15.12lb) I want to be below 15 stone for Christmas too. We can do it.

  2. We are pretty much the same Fiona, glad that your fill is working for you. I've had 3 fills now and was banded on the 25th of March. Look at us! Almost twins!

  3. Chin up sweety, you are doing well. We all get a little cranky at TOM, Aunt Flo is a Bitch!
    Congrats on the loss :)

  4. Congrats on the new low, and congrats on the anniversary!! That sucks that your online orders can arrive safely at your house but your flowers did not!