Friday, 3 September 2010

Almost 2 weeks on plateau island

Morning all,

Have just been doing lots of chores so feel I have earned the right to stick Toy Story on for George and read blogs for a while.

The scale is not for budging, not at all, in fact after my bad day on Tuesday it went up to 16 st 3 (227 lbs), its now down to 16st 1 (225 lbs) and even though I have been fantastically good imo its just not moving. I went for a walk in my MBT type trainers yesterday and went to the gym last night. I have cut out all sugary snacks, I was having 1 or 2 low calorie cereal type bars in the evening which I'm now not having.
I think that I ate about 1000 cals yesterday and pretty much everything I eat is high protein, perhaps I'm allergic??
If I wasn't so addicted I would stop weighing, do it once a week, just not sure that I can do it! I stand on the scale minimum 3 times a day.

I've started preparing for George's party, I need to do a trial run of his cakes this afternoon, I'm just doing cupcakes with his favourite character on. I'm making bunting for the garden which I've cut out, sewed 3 on to tape and done nothing since which I need to get on with and Isobel and I are making a pinata, somehow she doesn't like getting her hands dirty so I'm having to do the messy part!

Have a lovely day all, please hope for a loss overnight, not sure that my sanity or husband can take much more!! xx


  1. Don't get frustrated, you are doing great! I too was on a plateau for a number of weeks and I started drinking LOTS of water in between meals. I feel more alert too, less apt to eat poor food choices then.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Nice to know i am not on this island's been almost three weeks for me and the most frustrating this is that I am doing every thing right...right down to walking every single day!!!!

  3. Hello from the north side of the island!
    Its been 2 weeks pretty much for me, I couldn't cope with another week, hope that the scale moves soon!

  4. Every body drops weight differently. For me, I drop a few pounds immediately following my period, and then I have a three-week plateau with no weight loss. Then after my period, I drop. Maybe your body wants to do something like that? Be patient with yourself! If you're eating well, exercising, and being "good," then the scale will eventually pay off. Promise. Don't lose hope!

  5. I know you will get there, Alison. In the meantime, just keep doing what you're doing. *Hugs*

    Enjoy the party!

  6. Don't give up hope. When I was heavier losing was easier. Once I got under 230 lbs it took more work and I noticed my body held onto the weight more and then suddenly dropped 3-4 lbs over night.

    I say that because for most of us, before we had lapband surgery we would try to eat right and when we didn't lose weight as result most of would get p'od and write the whole thing off and go eat something delicious (i.e. fattening). I know I did. And when you first get the surgery you lose quickly so when we have these plateaus it reminds us of "before" and its easy to get frustrated again.

    But, if we're patient and steady the weight WILL come off.

    Now here's the part where I admit I typed all of that out for me, too! As I was reading your post I was so relating. I have been saintly. Eating 1000 or under calories. Went for a 45 minute run yesterday, painted all of Wednesday, worked out hard on Tuesday, etc. And I am stuck at 176.5 no matter what and I'm getting a little frustrated, too.

    So hopefully the scale fairies will visit us both tonight if we're patient!!!!

    Good luck with the bday prep!!!

  7. This is the hard part, getting over the hump. You will do it! You have made such amazing progress so far-don't feed into negative thoughts!!

  8. Plateau island is not a fun place to be. However, it sounds like you are doing everything right so I guess your body is just being stubborn. I bet once the scale starts moving it will move a lot. But I know it sucks in the meantime.