Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Thank you

Thanks for all your comments on my last entry, it's so kind of you all.

I'm ok today, still feel a bit urgh, but better.

George decided that he didn't want to go to nursery today and went mad when we got there, I ended up staying with him and playing with him and the other little ones for a while, was really nice. He agreed to me leaving to pop to the gym but I had to go straight back which I did, he was really pleased to see me but had had a great time. Not sure why he is upsetting himself so much, he's been at nursery for a few months but is a complete Mummy's boy.

When we got home he had some yoghurt, the picture is the result, it was everywhere. Not a great picture of him but he is such a sweetheart, he's just started telling me he loves me which is the nicest thing ever. He told me this morning that he was my honey bunch and he is!

Scale ok today, down to 15st 8lbs (218 lbs) 2 above my lowest.
2 of my favourite shops have sales on (Monsoon and Boden for any UK based girls) I'm desperately trying to stay away, not sure that I will manage it.

Have a good day all, thank you again.


  1. I have given up my food addiction for a shopping addiction-can you help me?? lol

  2. Oh, my. Did any get in his mouth? :)

  3. He is SUCH a cutie!! Oh Mercy, he's an Angel!! And no... you're NOT going to win the Ryder Cup this year!!! hahahahahahahaha!!!