Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Big thanks and I've left plateau island!

Firstly, thank you so much for all your lovely messages on my last post, just reading them makes me cry, I'm so hurt for her and of course she has no clue which is how it should be.
After everything that happened in her first year and now this I'm really strongly leaning to moving her, George will start at the nursery of a mixed school after Christmas and I'm sorely tempted to enrol Isobel too.
Paul isn't keen, he thinks that every time there is a problem I'll be looking to move her, he has a point, I toyed with the idea of moving her the whole of the last school year.
In fact I'm having day dreams of selling our house here, moving to an area near town which I really like (this would mean a smaller house) where George's school is meaning that I could walk them both to school everyday, I would complain about this in the rain and snow obviously!!
Again, Paul isn't so sure, he likes the area but wants a house there which is about 3 times our budget, I'm trying to convince him that a period house which is a bit smaller but has the garden he wants would be better for all of us. Wish me luck!

My scale gave me 15st 13 lbs (223 lbs) this morning, I'm very happy but can't help but think its about time, I was pretty much stuck for 3 weeks, not helped in the last week by me having a couple of eat all you can days!

Am going to try and get out to do something active with the kids today, we went to a farm yesterday, it also had rides and playgrounds and other stuff for the kids, we were out most of the day until it rained. I came back with bright red cheeks and looked sunburnt, the farm was really exposed and I think that it was probably wind burn!
I was planning to take them to an indoor soft play type place but the sky is blue so we'll hopefully do some walking.

Thanks again for all your messages, it means so much.
Have a good day xx


  1. Hi Alison, I feel your pain regarding the school issue. I am thankful every day that my daughters are both past school age (18 & 23). I hated every minute of the school gate.
    I am at home a lot at the moment and have become addicted to property shows so my advice in the current economic climate would be not to go 3 times over budget. Good luck with the house hunting and also with the school. "other mothers" are the same everywhere :-(
    Oh and enjoy the sunshine.

  2. Great news on the scale moving. Hope things settle down at school, soon.

  3. Hi Alison, I just awarded you the 'sweet 101'. Thanks for all your support.

  4. If you've wanted to move her for so long now, perhaps there's a good reason? Only you can answer that. I hate being so unsure about something. I worry that I'll make the change and regret it, or that I will wait for ages, then make the change and regret not doing it sooner! Not much help I know, but I imagine you feel a bit the same way.

  5. Hey! Terrific news about the scale moving!! And thank you for your kind words on my blog.. Enjoy the sunshine today!

  6. School issues are heartbreaking. I'm glad to hear that the scale has moved in the right direction for you! We are here for you!

  7. Congrats on leaving plateau island!!!

  8. Mommy Wars are the worst! Everyone thinks they can do it better than everyone else. In actuality, if everyone would just mind their own business, the kids would probably turn out just fine. Good luck with everything!

  9. Sometimes mommies can be worse than the kids. I know you will do what is best for you and your daughter. Obviously she has a great mommy who loves her very much and that is ALL that matters.

  10. I hope things work out one way or the other. Good news about the weight loss. Congrats!

  11. I missed the first post so I just went back and read it now. My daughter is seven and she is also a handful. I am lucky that her teachers have always embraced her enthusiasm and harnessed her energy rather than been critical. She is a natural leader and is very charismatic so the other kids tend to follow her, which is a problem when she leads them astray. A smart teacher will work with a kid's strengths and weaknesses. It sounds like that is just what the teacher did. Izzy was rewarded for her improvment, not for being the best behaved child in class. Those mothers are wrong and unfair. I'm sorry you are going through that.

    Great news on the weight loss!

  12. I see you have been awarded a 'Happy 101' award from Sam. But I award you one too!!