Wednesday, 22 September 2010

New low and potty training hell.

Think that I should be given special dispensation to eat rubbish today as today is the day that George begins to potty train! We've been and bought new pants this morning, he's wearing them now but every time I mention the potty I get a very loud no, he hates the toilet equally. Think that it will be a long day.

Scale said 15st 7lbs today (217 lbs) am really pleased with how its going at the moment but do feel that I am dieting a bit, or maybe I'm fighting head hunger. I've just bought some almonds for snacks and divided them in to 100 cal's lots, I think that sometimes I get too hungry so thought that they would be perfect for an afternoon snack.

Nothing else really happening here, had another viewing on the house yesterday but don't think it will come to anything, its not such a bad thing really as we don't know that we want to sell now that the dream house has gone. I could do without the short notice housework though!

Both my kids are Mamma mia mad at the moment, the soundtrack is on constantly and quite honestly I've had enough! George has it on in the playroom at the moment, I've warned him that if he wets his pants no more Mamma mia! A win win situation for me really!

Have a lovely day all x


  1. Poor thing!! Our niece Millie was Mamma Mia mad for a long time. Infact she may still be. We've not seen her for a while!

    Good luck with the potty training!

  2. Oh that is the ONE thing that I hated about selling our house - the short notice housework! And with little ones, it's hard to pretend you live in this pristine palace that the buyers are looking for! I feel for you!!

    My boys were into Jurassic Park - I can recite almost every word in the movie! This too shall pass - thankfully!

    Good luck on that potty thing!

  3. Good luck with the potty training.

  4. I love nuts, I think they are the perfect snack. You are doing great!

    Potty philosophy was always, whenever they are ready...its hard to get them motivated otherwise! Good luck!