Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Its back to school day and good news.

Good morning lovely ladies,

Isobel goes back to school today, she's almost on the ceiling with excitement, she has been off for 8 weeks though so not surprising. I'm not really looking forward to it but Paul will be coming to drop off today, mainly as we have so much stuff to take in, school bag, pe kit, gym kit, wellies and her epipen and medicine (Izzy has a peanut allergy) and we have pass to through the area where the new class are and when Izzy was in this class last year it was a nightmare, parents everywhere crying! I also have George to keep hold of too.
George also goes back to school today, we have to give notice of our intent for him to leave at the end of term, Paul has been arranging this letter 8 weeks ago, needless to say that he's upstairs hastily typing it now, we leave for school in 30 minutes.

I'm trying to eat breakfast, I have great yoghurt, granola and lots of lovely fruit, I feel so sick about everything that I can't eat it, maybe its stress tightness!

Good news on the scale front, this morning it said 15st 11.5 lbs (222.5 lbs) I'm very happy and very glad that the scale is finally moving for me. I'm going to go to the gym later.

Paul and I are viewing 2 houses in the area that I fancy today, there is a fantastic state school in this area too. I have a friend who is a teacher and apparently this is the best rated school in the area and she feels that we would be mad to not put the children in there if we get places (and its free) At least today we will get an idea if the houses in this area are for us.

Gosh, don't I go on about a load of boring old stuff? This was meant to be a blog about my band but I find it very cathartic to get the contents of my brain in black and white!

Have a lovely day all, xx


  1. Congrats on the weight loss and good luck with house hunting! When my kids went off to school, I did a little jig around the house :)

  2. Fab news on the scale moving! First day of school is always a crazy day! But you will make it through! Let us know what he thinks of the houses!!

  3. Hope the kiddies had fun at school. And it's ok to talk about stuff other than the band. It's your blog and we enjoy getting to know everyone. Good luck on the house hunting. Funny, here in Canada we don't really buy a house for a good school. There are areas which are pretty rough and thus some of the schools have rough kids in them but I wouldn't want to buy a house in those areas anyway.

    Just hoping you were able to keep your tears down to a bare minimum, but then what would school be without tears.

  4. Good luck house hunting! How exciting!!

  5. Good job on the weight loss! And Good luck with the house hunting!!