Monday, 30 August 2010

My scale is stuck

Evening all,

I know that I said I was ok with the scale not moving and it will move soon etc etc, blah blah. But it hasn't moved again, this is 5 days. I'm even wondering if I'm not eating enough although to be completely honest I've always thought that that was a myth! At least with me, I've never ever eaten less than enough.
I'm still the same after my huge walk yesterday, 6 miles walk, stay the same.

I'm fine really but a bit frustrated.

Anyway, today we went to a Thomas the tank engine day, the same as the one on my photo. The kids enjoyed it so much last time that we went again, we had a good time, rode on Daisy, Thomas, Toby and Percy and the troublesome trucks.
This is a picture of George and I on the troublesome trucks, thought that my wrist looked quite thin! Luckily I'm hiding most of the rest of my with my new Cath Kidstone bag, I like it!

I struggled to eat a little today, this morning I had a new granola with yoghurt, it was really nice but I couldn't finish it, for lunch I had cottage cheese and ryvita, I felt quite stuck after I'd eaten a small amount so didn't have anymore but have just had chicken casserole for dinner and it went down really easily, much more easily than anything I've eaten since my fill, I feel like my band is really loose tonight and I'm starving! Am trying to fight it though.

Have a good day xx


  1. I hate when the scale won't move, but you look great!

  2. I agree, you look great and yes, I see the skinny wrist. Hope the scale moves soon.

  3. I hear ya.... my scales havent moved for weeks and im fluctuating between weights so i dont know if im gaining or not!

    I love the photo... i loveeeee photos in general but its nice to see a pic of you Alison :)

    How cute is your little boy!

  4. I hate the scales, especially when they don't move. Hope you see movement soon:)

  5. Oh alison, you are doing so well, try not to be too discouraged. I think we are all in the same boat, but I am sure that things will look up soon. :)