Monday, 2 August 2010

Failed bandster?

Its dawned on me that i've been loosing and gaining the same 7 pounds since the last week in June, I'm begining to think that I might one of the percentage who fails, I don't know what is wrong with me.

I do have a problem with getting fills, Its so far and unless Paul is off I have no one to look after the kids, I had my last fill on the 8th of june and my next is booked for the 17 of August, I have 6 cc's in a 14cc band and can't imagine that i'll be at my sweet spot for at least another 2 or 3 visits as they don't like to give me more than 1cc at a time, I have to fight to get more than a half on my last visit.

Needless to say that i'm up again, 16st 9lbs this morning, thats 233lbs again. I'm bored of it. I think that i'm going to try and stay off the scales, they just depress me.

In other news, Izzy is still being a bit of a pain but she's attending a summer school from 9 til 3 every day. George was up half of the night last night, he seems to have a cold but has a croup type barking cough and was covered in sweat, i've had to wash everything today, even his pillow. Alison with not enough sleep is not a happy girl.

Hope that everyone else is well.


  1. I think a lot of us are in a bit of a funk right now...but I don't think you've failed at all.

    But I do think you should talk to your doc about how you're feeling, what you're doing and not doing...and what they think you should do to get moving in the right direction!!

    We have a girl in my support group that had to get to the max cc in her band in order to get good weight loss.

    Hang in there!!

  2. Hi Alison, don't know if this will comfort you or not.. I was at a basic standstill from May till August and then I ramped (and I mean ramped up the exercise) that seemed to get my losing back on track.. my metabolism needed a major jump start.. and i dropped 5 lbs in one week. just thought I would share that

  3. Hang in there, it's a learning process, thing will get better!

  4. It's definitely difficult when you don't have good restriction. It took me two months to lose two measly pounds during which time I had also had two fills, but still the weight barely came off. Only now, having had my sixth fill and getting up to 8.5mls in a 10ml band do I feel that I have full-on restriction. Unfortunately it takes time, but I think it makes sense for the fills to be given in gradual increments as it means you can slowly get used to eating smaller and smaller amounts rather than it being a massive shock!

  5. I bounced around a LOT during all of July. It took me the entire month to lose 4 lbs and it was constantly back and forth. Who knows...maybe it's the heat??

  6. Sorry the little ones aren't feeling well.

    And I'm sorry YOU are having a rough time of it. I cannot tell you what a difference good restriction makes in this process. Right now it really sounds like you are doing most of the work and your band isn't yet working at full capacity. I know it is inconveinant, but you must get in and get regular fills (every 4 weeks)until you reach your sweet spot. When you have restriction, it is like a whole new world. Are you sure you can't take the little ones with you?

    I am sure you won't be a failure. I was very lucky to reach my perfect restriction quickly (I only have a 4 cc band). Just keep plugging away!

  7. Sorry you are feeling down, but you don't strike me as the failure type. I'm hoping things turn around for you.