Sunday, 15 August 2010

4 pounds up!

Not sure what is going on with my body! I'm 4 pounds higher than I was 2 days ago, I must admit that I've had a few tom cravings but I don't think that I've given in too much, we've eaten out a couple of days too but I don't feel that I've over done it at all. We did lots of walking and I went to the gym on Thursday and Friday. This morning, despite not drinking or eating over night I'm even half a pound heavier than I was last night! How is that possible, must be absorbing something through my skin! Never mind, I'm sure it will sort its self out.

We went to a regatta in a town nearby on Saturday, it was good, we walked a fair way and had a look around, seems odd to be doing it without Isobel, especially as we bumped in to 2 of her classmates who wanted to know where she was.

I'm spending the day packing today as we're off tomorrow to my in laws to pick up Isobel, then we're going on to my Dad's on the south coast so I've got lots to remember. Paul is driving to his parents with George and is dropping me in London as I have a fill and will go on by train.

Not sure when I'll be updating my blog again, will probably be away about a week, wonder if this will be the fill that gets me to my sweet spot? Will be difficult to explain to my in laws who have no idea about my band that I won't be eating for a day or two and having only liquids. They think I'm meeting a friend for lunch in London so I will probably claim I had a big lunch and am not hungry, will cross that bridge when I get to it.

Have a wonderful week all, will update as soon as I'm back x


  1. You cannot put on 4 pounds in just a day! A pound is 3500 calories ABOVE what you need to just stay alive (which is surely more than 1500 calories.)
    That means you would have needed to eat an impossible amount to put on that weight.

    It's water retention, don't stress. Grapefruit juice or asparagus soup or leek soup would be your friend-- all natural diuretics if you like. But your fill will help you too.
    Have fun in London!

  2. Have a great trip! I hope it's great! (And don't worry about what people say when you eat mushy foods. Just tell them that that's what you're in the mood to eat, and let that be final. You don't owe anyone -- including your in-laws -- an explanation.)

  3. A week off the scales will probably do the trick. Usually we all know if the weight gain is deserved and if it really isnt then it will work itself out. Have a wonderful week away, hope it stays dry.