Sunday, 29 August 2010

I walked and I have the blisters to prove it!

Afternoon all,

Thank you for all your comments, I love that you all take the time to read my nonsense!

Went to the cinema last night, we saw Grown Ups as planned and it was really good, so funny. How beautiful is Salma Hayek? I have a big girl crush on her, she is stunning.
I did well, didn't eat any junk, just took a cereal bar with me.

But the scale still says 16st (224 lbs), its been 4 days, I'm ok with it still but its getting a bit old now.
The scale being stuck prompted me to walk to my blood donation appointment, we think that its about 3 miles each way, wore trainers but got a horrible blister so changed in to flip flops on way back, not ideal for walking but no more blisters. I really need to invest in some trainers to walk in, it seems that mine are too big around the toes and so they rub.
I had decided that I would get Paul to pick me up rather than walk back, the way back is mainly down hill but my blister was hurting, tried to call him but no answer so started walking back, I was ok by the time he called back so walked the whole way. I had some cake at the cafe down the road when I met with Paul and the kids but figured I deserved it! I've not actually eaten lunch yet because of that, must do that shortly.
Bad news when I went to give blood, my iron levels were too low and they didn't want it. I've looked in to foods which are iron rich and I do eat them but really must concentrate on eating more of them, I really don't want to resort to iron tablets, black poo! yuk!!

Just making some turkey chilli, have added extra kidney beans for extra iron! The really worrying thing is that I was once rejected for donating blood before and found out the next day that I was pregnant with George! I'm pretty sure its not possible but its frightening!

Have a lovely day all, really hoping that I can report a loss tomorrow. xx


  1. Greens have fantastic iron. I just recently had an issue with my iron levels and they had me taking a good multi vit. I don't like supplements because the pills are always so freaking big!

    However, back to the greens. Even if you aren't a greens eater...
    I add baby spinach in when I am make pasta with tomato sauce and when I make lasagna (which is rarely) I also love to put kale (finely chopped up and steamed? in smashed new potatoes. Even better the next day pan fried with a little cooking spray and the edges get crispy. Husband loves it too!

    Good job with the walking!

  2. I enjoyed Grown Ups too. Good job not eating any junk in the movies.