Monday, 23 August 2010

So happy to be home!

Got home from my Dads about 2 hours ago, am so pleased to be home!

Weather was awful, constant rain, kids were sharing a room which meant not much sleep for anyone! My Dad lives in Bournemouth which has a big air show which was meant to be this weekend but couldn't happen due to the weather, Paul was gutted.

Anyway, more importantly, I had a fill last Tuesday. I thought that I might struggle to get 1cc as the last time I saw this nurse she was reluctant to give me this much, she must have relaxed as I ended up with 1.3cc's, I now have 7.3 in a 14cc band, she was going to give me more but said that when she tried to add more the fluid came back up the needle so she thought that I'd got enough. I was able to drink without a problem. I went straight on to my inlaws, we were staying with them, they don't know about the band and I was meant to be on fluids. I tried to eat a little of what they cooked but couldn't really, I was having to drink a lot and kept feeling stuck.
I think that I can honestly say that I have restriction, I'm fairly satisfied with small meals but am having a bit of trouble with getting stuck.
I've also eaten lots of chocolate, goodness knows why, I think that I was in holiday mode so that stops now. Not sure of my weight just now, don't think i've gained anything but will weigh in tomorrow and see.

I went shopping after my fill, I went to Marylebone High St which is around the corner from the hospital I go too, this was Justine's ( ) fault completely as I'd never been there before and she posted about going there a few weeks ago, it's a lovely place to shop and I spent lots. I wonder if I can convince my husband that it wasn't my fault?

Remember my friend N who i'd not heard from since I'd told her about my band? I called her and left a message a week or so ago, she left a message whilst I was away so looks like things might be ok.

Hope that everyone is well, I've been reading a little from my Dad's, have missed you all!


  1. I hope things work out with your friend! Glad you had a good time!

  2. Oops! Sorry about that, Alison; you can tell hubby it's all my fault if you like! But isn't it just a lovely place to shop? Where did you go? Cath? Emma? Divertimenti? White Company? Oh, how I love them all. We actually went there again on Sunday and had brunch in Le Pain Quotidien, which was fab.