Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Good news/bad news

Weighed in this morning at 16st 1lb, which is 225 lbs. This is my lowest but I've been here before, I do feel confident that I can get under this quite soon though so I'm happy enough.

The bad news is that we've lost the house, someone made an offer last week and was in a position to proceed, the estate agent haven't actually let us know, we saw it on the internet, great!
There is some land next to our house, its a quay as we live by a river, its very rarely used and we've managed to find out who owns it and have made an offer for it, the offer is way over what its worth but we've always been told that the guy who owns it wouldn't sell so it had to be a big enough offer to turn his head. We'll see how that goes, if we get it it would mean that we wouldn't be looking to move any more as out door space is what we need. Keep your fingers crossed for me please!

Home today with the kids, roll on the 9th of September when they go back to school/nursery. We need to shop a little and will probably go to a local town for the library and Izzy's art club.
Have a good day all x


  1. Good luck with the extra land - sounds like that would be a great solution. And congrats on the new low.

  2. I will have to catch up on your blog as I am a newbie but I saw your comment on my page this morning and got super excited! My husband is from South Yorkshire...Barnsley to be exact but worked for Rotherham Council up until we got married!! What a small world!!! Going back there at Christmas unless I am on aliquid diet by then. I refuse to watch other people get fish and chips (since I get them once a year) and have to eat liquid mush! I am so glad you found me!!

  3. no, no, no mushy peas! vinegar and sea salt! Chris likes curry sauce and mushy peas but can live with just f&C. My mouth is watering now! Well Chris has a broad barnsley accent that is slowly changing now that he lives in the american south! But he creates a stir around here! 6ft6, long red hair, and what all the ladies call cute accent! :)