Monday, 1 November 2010

Had a rotten weekend.


Have been feeling really down for the last couple of days, tired miserable and fed up and being a horrible Mummy to my children. I missed a lot of sleep when I was away and didn't sleep too well when I got back, my husband has been in "sick man" mode and so instead of taking up the reigns with the children he's been feeling very sorry for himself and this has added to my irritation. So I've been a horrible wife too.
Have been eating rubbish and am up to 15st 10 lbs (220 lbs), am really pissed off with myself.

Had a bit of time to myself yesterday when Paul took the kids out for a while and I slept better last night so feel a little bit more like myself.
Lovely Amanda suggested looking at doing a liquid diet for a while, I think that this is a good idea but I'm not sure that I'm up to it yet.
So far today I've eaten (2pm here)

protein shake
milk in coffee
2 rashers of turkey bacon
1 egg
350 cal's so far

Am making home made stock at the moment for a chicken risotto tonight, last time I made this I wasn't able to eat very much so hopefully it will come to less than 400 cals.

George is potty training again today, he's been in pants for almost 2 hours and had only one accident, he has a sweet for every use of the potty and has been very keenly using it! Only hitch is that I have to go and collect Isobel later and this is an hours round trip, I'm going to have to use a nappy but thought that I would put it over his pants, I used to do this with Isobel. Please cross your fingers that we might crack it this time!

I've been selling a few bits on ebay recently, trying to make money for Christmas and declutter the house, its gone ok but I am addicted to checking how my sales are doing about 50 times a day! I'm trying to stop myself blowing all my ebay money on clothes for me!

A quick funny from my daughter, Saturday morning I said that I didn't understand why she was behaving so badly, Isobel (5) said "I'm at a difficult age!" Cheeky monkey, I managed not to laugh but it did stop me in my tracks!


  1. That's so disappointing for you! How's your restriction? Do you think you may need another fill, or is it your mindset? It's really hard to keep your head in a good & motivated place at times...especially with the demands of children!

    I hope you can find some time for yourself and think of a way to focus on your needs for a change. xx

  2. LOL at Isobel!!

    I am sorry you are down! I agree with Sparkler..maybe another fill might help!

    Do you have an internet calorie counter? I swear it really helps me when I can physically see where my calories are coming from. I like it because it isn't a diet.

    I have never made risotto before. I of course love to eat it but I've never attempted! Jealous cause it sounds lovely.

    Chip up. I think the fact that you did get your period might be playing with your body a bit. Perhaps you are retaining water because you are off cycle. Things will get better!

  3. I can not come clean your bathroom. I didn't even want to clean mine! Skip it. I dare you! Do it tomorrow! It'll wait. Or bribe Isobel! Haa... give her a little cleaner and a rag and see how she does. Then give her a treat! :) he heee!

  4. Sorry you had a bad weekend - but it's a new week now - time to reset and go again (at least that's what I tell myself!). Good luck with the toilet training - I think boys are more difficult than girls. And kids have to both want to learn and be physically able - it will happen eventually!

  5. (((hugs))) to you and your bad weekend, but today is a new day.. Good luck on that toilet training, boys can be difficult - thought my youngest was going to be wearing "Depends" the rest of his life!

    I loved Isobel's comment! Kids really keep us on our toes!!

    Have a wonderful week. You're going to get back on track, I just know you will!!