Sunday, 28 November 2010

Tighter than ever

After all those old posts complaining about no restriction I really can't be complaining of being too tight now, can I?

I wouldn't actually say that I'm too tight but I'm really tight, today all I have managed is 1 wheatabix with milk and some soup for lunch that I'm trying to finish now, I pb'd a little of it at lunch time too I've also had one protein shake with a banana in it, I may have another one shortly.

My hormones are all over the place (completely missed a period, finally had a long period, stopped for a day and now a whole new period) think that those egg's must have been stacking up! It's all very odd.
So I think that it might be hormonal, I also think that I'm fighting a cold which I know can often effect bands so maybe I've got a double dose.

I'm still weighing in at 15st 1, (211 lbs) as I have been eating some biscuits and chocolate but have pretty much lost my appetite for junk too so am hoping to see a lower number on the scale tomorrow.

Hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend, I can't believe how close to Christmas we are now!


  1. Weird how fickle the band can be, isn't it? Hope you managed to get some food down without another PB. Freaking out about how clsoe Christmas is - need to make some lists!!

  2. With how little you're eating the scale should be moving downward very soon! And yes, Christmas is coming!! Yay!!

    I hope you had a terrific weekend!!