Friday, 12 November 2010

My homage arrived

My beautiful (homage to) LV Stephen Sprouse scarf arrived yesterday, it's stunning and I'm very pleased with it, I may even have to photograph myself in it to show you all.

Not much else happening, George and I are at home not doing much after spending the morning with friends.

I'm back on solid food from today, have had some chicken for lunch, didn't manage it all and have hic-ups now so think that I had a little too much, I don't feel full as such, just a bit uncomfortable.

Scale was good today, 15st 7, 217 lbs, been here before but better than the last few days, 2 pounds above my lowest.

Does anyone have anything nice planned for the weekend? I'm going out with Sarah this evening to a shopping evening, not quite sure how it will be but I'm booked to have a manicure there, I forgot about this about did my nails last night, I am sporting a very dark blue at the moment, I like it. Tomorrow night I'm going out for dinner with some lovely friends and on Sunday we're going to my mothers for lunch, I also need to fit in 2 gym sessions and going to the unveiling of the local department store Christmas window, not sure if I'll manage it.

Am really enjoying an old US Biggest Looser, think its couples series 7, it has Tara and Ron in it, I'm fairly near the end, I don't know who wins. I'm not sure that what they do is sustainable at home but it makes interesting viewing, I would want Bob as my trainer if I were there, Gillian is terrifying although looks like she's about 3 foot tall!

Hope that everyone is well xx


  1. Tara is awesome in that season! I would like to think if I were there I would compete like she did! Today is my anniversary, and since we both work today we're going out tomorrow. We are also going to explore a bike trail my mom told me about. My daughter got a bigger bike for her birthday a week ago, so she has no problem keeping up with us now. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Would love to see a pic of you in the scarf. Solid food is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

  3. Get that picture posted!! I'm dying to see you in your beautiful scarf!!

    Enjoy your weekend!