Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Had my fill

Trundled off to London yesterday, fought my way down Oxford St in the pouring rain and howling wind and bought nothing! I wanted a few new tops to go with my jeggings and jodpurs I've bought recently but found nothing. I was quite naughty and ordered a Stephen Sprouse LV scarf so am building my wardrobe around it, not that I have it yet. It's not an original, they cost a fortune but it was really quite expensive and is allegedly a very good copy or homage as I prefer to call it! lets just see.
I did buy some make up and nail polish and a few Christmas presents.

Fill went really well, now have 8cc's in my 14cc band and I'm on liquids, I think that it will be quite tight, I feel like I can feel it although it doesn't hurt. The nurse that I normally see wasn't there and I saw the original nurse who's i'd spoken to before, the newer nurse always takes a while to find my port but not yesterday straight in.
In all I lost 8 pounds since my last fill, this was in August so not fab but in the right direction at least.

Found out last night that my sister starts IVF treatment in 2 weeks, am really happy for her, just really really hope that it works.

Scale said 15st 8lb's this morning, 218 lbs. I'm happy with that but can't wait to see it go down below 210.

Have a good day all xx


  1. Hopefully this fill gets you to a good place.

  2. It will happen! I know it! Sounds like a good day all in all..even if you didn't find any tops!! Post a pic of the scarf when you get it!

  3. Good luck on the fill! You are so close to the 210!

    Also, good luck to your sister! <3

  4. Good Luck on the fill! You ARE headed in the right direction!

    I can't wait to see your new scarf!

  5. Hope this fill hits the spot for you (the sweet spot that is!). Looking forward to a photo of the scarf (love that it's an "homage" not a copy!).