Sunday, 28 November 2010

A new milestone.

Morning all,

Snowy in England today, we don't normally have snow so early so its quite odd. Today is a school day which means I have to drive in it, I hate driving in snow, scares me silly. I have one of those cars which looks like it might be 4 wheel drive but isn't so skates around like a sports car in it!
Wish me luck!

The scale rewarded me with a 14st 13 lbs (209 lbs), this is huge for me, twice I have got to 15 stone but no lower and then went on to gain it all back. Onederland would be wonderful for Christmas, not sure that I will be able to make that.

Crying boy, will be back xx


  1. See??? What did I tell you! It was bound to happen - and I am so thrilled for YOU! WHOO HOO!!!

    Be really careful driving in that snow.. Don't need to have you slipping and sliding all over now! Have a GREAT day today!

  2. Wonderland seems very doable for Xmas! You can do it! And be safe.

  3. be safe! and big congrats on the new weightloss milestone :)

  4. Even if you don't make it by Christmas it will be right around the corner! I have heard about the snow. They have loads up there at Chris' mums too! No snow here! Rain Rain Rain!

  5. Great news! Onederland here you come...

  6. Be safe! Great job on the weight loss.

    We had early snow last week here. Blaming the La Niña weather.