Sunday, 14 November 2010

I think that I'm starting to get it!

Get that I can't just eat crap. I seem to have slid in to bad habits in the last couple of months, hence the lack of movement on the scale. I've been eating ok and then having junk, mainly chocolate and not just a little bit.

So, I really need to start again, again. It's quite depressing really but need's must.

I went out to dinner with my friend Alyson, her partner Claire and a friend of theirs who's I've met a few times called Lou, she's very nice but has an awful lot to say! It was a nice night at a really nice place. I was hyper alert about what I could eat, they wanted starters so I ordered the soup, for main I ordered a starter prawn salad but did have a dessert, it was really nice to come away feeling satisfied rather than uncomfortable.

Scale is 15st 8 today, 218 pounds. I really need to start a new regime today, we're going to my Mothers for lunch, she doesn't know about my band, wish me well!

I'm off to the gym this morning too, really need to be below 210 soon!


  1. Hi, thanks for your comments. I hope you find your way back on the right path soon :)

  2. Best of luck at your moms! Once you get back on tract you will start to feel better! And you will be below 210 soon!

  3. One of the best things about the band is being able to enjoy a nice meal without feeling stuffed.

  4. Oh thank you for letting me feel it's not just me! i was never a junk food eater, just big portions of everything but now I eat chocolate and wotsit style crisps all the time. Even instead of meals (which dont go down well). I need some sort of help or eating plan so I am looking into whats out there. Weight watchers didnt do the trick so maybe slimming world and living on mashed potato and veg is the answer??? I really dont know.
    Anyway good luck on getting back on track and well done on the Christmas shopping. You have done more than me!