Tuesday, 16 November 2010

How can it only be Tuesday?

This week seems have been very long already, wish it was Friday.

Hope that everyone is well today, I've had a quiet morning, after driving kids to school which takes 90 minutes by the time I've dropped each of them off I went to the gym, had my eyebrows waxed, my nails painted (black by OPI, is lovely) went for a coffee and collected George again, I've not even changed out of my gym clothes yet!

Scale was good today 15st 6lbs, which is 216 pounds, I managed to control my intake of sweet stuff yesterday but it was hard going, not helped by the banana cake that I made to use up some over ripe bananas, I didn't have much, just a little. I made a lovely Thai chicken dish with rice last night, I had a little rice but it filled me up completely, its amazing how little it takes to fill me at the moment, if only this stopped my chocolate intake!

I'm addicted to Words with friends on iphone/itouch just at the moment, it's like Scrabble, I'm not that good at it though, if anyone play's feel free to challenge me, my user name is allicenn.

Just heard that Prince William is engaged, I'm not much of a royalist but Kate has waited a long time! Made me think about the street parties we had when Prince Charles and Princess Diana got married, wonder if that will happen? Good luck to them.

Have a lovely day xx


  1. Morning Alison! I just heard they are engaged now too! It is all over the news! Chris isn't as excited! She is a pretty girl I think!

    I make a lot of Thai recipes too. But last night was mexican for us! I made it a little too spicy for my husbands taste...by accident though!

    My friend loves that OPI black polish! She wears it all the time!

  2. Hey Alison! Sounds like a terrific day! Brows, nails, gym - good for YOU!!

    And I just love banana bread - but we won't go there! Let me know when the street parties begin~!

  3. I still remember DI ( dont' we all )..this is good for the family :-)

  4. Love the black nail polish. And please don't mention chocolate - trying to stay away from it!!