Monday, 22 November 2010

3 stones down!

Thanks for your comments on my blog yesterday, glad that I'm not the only hairy Mary around! I figure that it keeps me warmer when its cold!

I'm still tight and am down another pound today, maybe that is down to all the body hair I mowed yesterday! That puts me at 15st 1lb (211 lbs) and a big milestone of 3 stone lost!
I've managed to get to 15 stone twice but not under it, I can't wait for my weight to start 14 something!

So cold here today, I just washed the car and it just started raining. I never wash the car but it really needed doing, I hoovered the inside too and even took out the kids car seats (also found a library book I lost) I didn't do a great job but it looks better and surely it must count as exercise.

Have a lovely day all xx


  1. Housework totally counts as exercise with all the bending and motion. At least, that's my take on it. I take my car in to have washed and vacuumed these days. With the kids, I find it too nasty to do myself. It's amazing what they lose in those car seats!

  2. Way to go Alision... I still think in Stones rather than lbs and Kgs and 3 is a great loss....

  3. Most CERTAINLY counts as exercise! If it didn't, I'd quit tomorrow!!

    Congrats, my Friend - I am so proud of you!