Sunday, 21 November 2010

Down a pound but so tight

Afternoon all,

Stepped on the scale this morning praying it still said 15st 3, to be rewarded with 15st 2 (212 lbs) very pleased and not surprised as I really struggled to eat anything yesterday, Paul made a gorgeous dinner of chicken tempura with rocket mayo, so lovely but came back up, I thought that I'd not chewed enough and tried again but sure enough, no go. I had a little ice cream and a shake.

This morning I had some musseli, went down okish, lots of chewing but ok, went to the gym, came home and had another shake. Just tried to eat dinner, roast chicken and all the trimmings and no go, managed a little chicken but that was it.

The kids have had colds and I wonder if I'm coming down with one too, I know that I've moaned about no restriction but this is no fun at all, I can drink fine though. Might just get some soup for tonight and try again tomorrow.

Am doing quite well with exercise, yesterday and today I went to the gym and then took the kids on a bike ride (they were riding and I was walking) was lovely and must have been about 2 miles. We're also taking the kids swimming later, not that I will be doing much swimming with them there. This means that I have to shave my legs! My poor husband, my legs are hairier than his!

Hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend xx


  1. Great work on the exercise! I have discovered that I really love soup - but sometimes I feel like I can eat too much of it.

  2. I think we are in the same boat leg wise! Especially as winter is coming upon us here, I do not shave near as often! The last couple times I did I only shaved from the knee down, I have never in my life done that! Hope you start to feel better soon!

  3. Sorry you're so tight. I know I get tighter when I get a cold too.
    I hear you on the shaving - I'm so bad.

  4. LOL on the shaving! I got in to a hot spa tub this weekend with my girlfriends. It required quite a bit of some one on one time with the razor! I hope you aren't getting a cold but like Linda said maybe that is why you are tight! Hopefully you won't need and un fill!

  5. I don't shave often in winter time. It is summer here in Oz, so the old shaver has to come out. I get very tight when I am coming down with something. Also stress/anger/upset makes my band very tight. Hope it fixes itself up soon for you

  6. Oh, I feel you on being too tight--although mine had to be resolved with a slight unfill. And I hate shaving my legs--mainly because they're so big, it takes FOREVER. I usually just shave from the knee down, and only then it's because my legs are itchy :) Hope you feel better soon!