Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Happy St Andrews day

As I'm half Scottish I'm claiming St Andrews day, I've tried to tell Paul that I have to be waited on as its "my" day, he's not buying it though.

Scale showed a slight gain of 1/4 of a pound today which pushed me up to 15st again (210 lbs) total of 43 pounds lost, I'm ok with this, my band seemed to loosen up yesterday and I could eat more, I did feel a little better for it too.

I have a couple of questions that maybe ladies who have been banded longer than me can answer.
TMI, my periods are all over the place, missed a period and now have had it for almost 3 weeks, could this be in anyway band/weight loss related? I'm in no pain at all.

Secondly, my friend, N, was banded just over a week ago and she was telling me today that she feels like she can feel her band and she doesn't like the sensation at all, do you ever feel like you can feel your band?
If I'm very stressed I can sort of feel a heaviness, I'd like to try and reassure her if possible.

We're still getting lots of snow, the country has almost shut down, we've put our Christmas tree up, it seems very Christmassy!

Hope that everyone is well.

Just wanted to mention lovely Amanda at http://lifeofahopefulloser.blogspot.com/ she has just got her insurance approval and she is one of the nicest people I have "met" in blogland.

A picture of our garden taken in the dark!


  1. Love the snow! So beautiful.

    I also feel my band at times. Now that I am thinner, I can literally trace it when touching my stomach and at times, I can feel it inside too. Mostly when it hurts. My guess is that your friend is very swollen and that is why it is bothering her so much. I am sure it will settle down.

    My periods haven't changed much although I know there is a coorrellation between body fat and menstrual cycles. I'm not sure if weight loss can cause them to be heavier or lighter, but what you are experiencing doesn't sound normal. I had similar issues when I took birth control pills. I ended up going to a IUD and I love it. Either way, I hope it straigtens out for you. That's no fun.

  2. I am so hungry. I can think of nothing but food!! Ahhhhhhh! Alison, what a sweet shout out. You just made me blush. And then I started to think about food again! I don't have any period or band advice. But i would suggest talking to a dr about your period. Maybe wait till this cycle ends...perhaps your body is just re starting your metabolism is haywire. Who knows but I hate it for you.

  3. Ps. Chris' family is under loads of snow too!

  4. Banded since August 2010, my periods are all over the place too. A year ago I was lucky, or unlucky if I had 3 a year. Now I have had numerous since May. I hope it works itself out for our sake. :)

  5. I can't help you with the band questions - I'm still in the "hoops" stage.. But, I love the snowy pictures - we're due for some tomorrow!! Thank you for sharing!!

    Happy St. Andrews day to YOU!!!

  6. I can't feel my band but I am sometimes aware it's there if it's tight. Happy St Andrews day to you!

  7. I can't believe you have more snow than us. We have none and it is pouring rain right now. Enjoy it though. I can't wait to snow-shoe.

  8. Well Happy St. Andrew's day.. I was chatting with some of my crew in Edinburgh today and the stories they are telling about their recent snow storm (like roofs sliding off).. HOpe you take time to enjoy the weather as well..

  9. Beautiful picture. Regarding the period, I would definitely see the OB for that. Hope it resolves soon. Thanks for all your supportive posts...I definitely appreciate them.

  10. Snow Snow Snow... I miss the Snow....