Thursday, 18 November 2010

The pine effect

Thanks for all your comments, as always, its so nice that someone is listening as my husband and kids don't!

I know what the pine effect is, it sounds like some deep study doesn't it!
Just to recap, Izzy needs green tights & green t shirt for her massive part in the school play (4 of the girls are tree's) Apparently, the pine effect that they are looking for is green tinsel around the neck and arms and bottom of the t-shirt, well of course it is silly me, pine tree's are trimmed with tinsel all the time!

Scale staying the same this morning, 15st 5lbs, (215 lbs) I was a little sad but then realised that this is ridiculous, I can't expect to loose a pound every day and I've lost 2 over the last couple of days. Would be very happy to see 15st 4 tomorrow though!

My ridiculous spending is carrying on unabated, just received my new Bailey button Ugg's, they are lovely and snuggly and warm, I just need to rough them up a bit to convince Paul that they are old ones!

I made a Thai prawn (shrimp) dish last night and served it with some noodles, I thought that I may struggle with the noodles but I also struggled with the prawns had 2 pb's, managed to eat a couple more prawns but it was a slow struggle but I was starving.
I'm managing to keep my snacking down a bit by having single serve chocolate bars (favourite is Cadburys flake at 135 cals) I seem to be able to accept that I only get 1, it's larger bars and bags that should last days that I need to finish in one sitting.

Hope everyone is having a happy Thursday xx


  1. Thank you for clearing up the "pine effect" mystery! Oh, I can't wait to see pictures - she is going to look simply adorable!!

    Hey! Bring the little ones over ANY time - we'll be glad to keep them while you and your Hubs sleep past 5:30!

    And that Thai prawn dish sounds absolutely yummy - I could go for something like that.....

    Have a great day!

  2. I agree with Lisa, you should post a recipe for the Thai Prawns! Sorry you got stuck on it, that must have been disappointing! <3

  3. Yummy I am coming over for dinner when I am over! Ohhh so that is pine effect!? I will have to remember!

  4. I love Thai food, please share the recipe! I'm sure your little pine tree will be precious.

  5. The Uggs sound wonderful. The recipe sounds great but I heard from others too that shrimps are easy to PB on.

    I hope your Pine Tree looks marvelous at her show.