Tuesday, 9 November 2010

haven't blogged for a week, that can only mean one thing

Morning all,

It can only mean that I've not had a great week, I'm 15st 9 today which is 219 lbs, so not huge weight gain but still no loss.

Good news is that I'm going for a fill today which means I have to go to London and have to do lots of shopping as I don't get there very often so I'm hitting Oxford St, Regent St then Marylebone High St.

I have been doing some blog reading, my laptop is being very highly strung lately so it makes things harder and I've developed a addiction to Angry Birds which is taking up far too much time!

In other news, house is back on the market with another agent, fingers crossed, this means I have to do lots of cleaning - boo!
We had Isobel's parents evening last week, you can only imagine how that went, she's wonderful and awful in every breath! They decided to start a good behaviour book on friday, they didn't tell me, I'm not happy but I'll live with it, it came home on friday with positive news, it didn't come home at all yesterday, I can only imagine that they can't be bothered! What kind of example does that give to a 5 year old? She knew that she'd not had it back.

Anyway, shopping for me. I know that as I'm ready for a big shop I will buy nothing, that's always the way isn't it?
Thanks for asking after me Amanda, sorry for being so rubbish!


  1. Hopefully this one's going to kick start you onto some good solid weight loss...do you do any days of liquids and mushies after a fill...I always find that gives me an encouraging weight loss to feel good about.

    I'm desperate for some casual winter tops and things, but the few times I've managed to get half an hour in the shops there seems to be nothing! I'm in between styles too at the mo, which means I feel like I don't want to camouflage myself as much as I did, but I'm not quite slim enough for the trendy leggings and tunic tops (thighs are looking too tree-trunkesque still! What does one do? I'm pinning my hopes on looking good for next summer and getting lots of new trendy slim clothes then. Good luck for the fill. xx

  2. Holy Cow I am addicted to Angry Birds too! I get angry at the game though! I was just worried about you is all!

    Yay for the fill! I think that really will kick start things for you!

    Get yourself a treat whilst in London! I think you need one. Just a small something! Be it a pretty shirt or something for the house!
    Don't go away for too long or I will worry! :)

  3. Hey! I've missed you! Good luck on that fill today - and have a glorious time shopping! I wish I could be with you today spending time at all those fun places, enjoy it!!

  4. Hope you have a great day in London - loved Regent St when I was there many years ago, especially fun before Christmas. Hope the fill goes well, too!